71+ Indian Horse Names With Meanings

A horse is one of the most significant animals to find references to in ‘Vedas’, as well as Hindu scriptures. The Sanskrit word for a horse is, ‘ashva’, and horses in India are called ‘ghoda’. Horses have a unique place in Indian mythology too besides being used only for wars or means of transport

Choosing a name for your horse is easy with the many languages available to you, including Punjabi, Sanskrit, Hindi, or Urdu. Make sure that when naming your horse you know how to pronounce it in these different cultures and dialects!

Here are quick picks

PoncaChinknaSitting Bull
NavyaRed cloudTakhi

Famous Indian Horse Names

There are some names that are very common in the Hindi or Urdu language and the best pick for your stallion or mare. Here are few suggestions on the basis of solid meaning behind them.


Anushtubha is a lovely name for your horse. Brihati has a history in its sounds, Gayatri can be the perfect female name, Jagati brings you back to mythology and Pankti connects with culture while Trishtubha speaks of mythological roots.


The festival of Holi is characterized by color, fragrance, and sacred red powder. It takes place on a day in late February or early March to mark the beginning of spring for people from India’s north-central plains.

On this day, friends gather together at home with a feast before throwing colored water on one another as they playfully chase each other around their house


Agastya, the name of a sage known to be both wise and strong. His power is so great that he can humble even mountains with his strength!


Anay The Sacred wood apple is also called the Time tree, because of its ability to grow new branches every year.

These vines are very beautiful and add a nice contrast with their flowers in springtime when they bloom against the autumn leaves.


Dalbir is a word from the Punjabi language that means “property of king”. In olden times, this was how kings used to describe their land and share it with subjects.


The word “faras” means a horse that is used for riding. This is actually the Arab pronunciation of this English term, which in Arabic translates to ‘handsome.’


Harshil is a Hindi word meaning “king of hills.” He was born and raised in the Himalayas.


Adara is a Hindi word meaning “young” in English. In India, it’s the name for both boys and girls as well as an adjective to describe something new or recent.


Jason is one who always has an ear for you. He never grows tired of listening to your problems and ensuring that he can help in some way, even if it’s just a shoulder to cry on.


Krishna can also be called Karan, which means intelligent in the Indian language. Karan (meaning intelligent) has been traditionally given to children born on Sundays and during auspicious dates such as Diwali or Holi because they are believed to be particularly blessed by God with intelligence.


An iron or copper object is called a lohit in Indian. This includes everything from utensils to sculptures and is found both in rural villages and in major metropolitan areas like Mumbai.


During a debate with a prince, the ancient scholar Gargi emerged from her hut.

The Indian woman Gargi was well-versed in many fields including agriculture, architecture, astronomy, etc.


Heer is Sanskrit for “diamond.”

The word has spread throughout much of the world due to Indian and Pakistani culture.


“Jiyaa” can be translated to “sweetheart.” The word is a common name for girls in India.

The Hindi term of endearment, Jiyaa meaning sweetheart or darling, and translating to English as such has been used by many people throughout history that have found themselves with somebody they love deeply.


Male Indian Horse Names

Male Indian horse breeds are not different from females in appearance. Some unisex names can also be perfect to give both genders. Read our guide about specific Marwari horse names.

Aarush – The name Aarush symbolizes the brightness of a summer’s day coupled with the warmth and happiness that comes from being in love.

Advik – It is a word that means “unique” and it’s one of the few words in Sanskrit.

Akarsh – It is a Hindi word for attraction. It can also mean linking or tying together, especially in the sense of bringing disparate things closer to one another as if by binding.

Arnav – It is a man who has the power of an ocean. The beauty he brings to all those around him reminds them that life goes on and they must live it with passion, love, and laughter.

Daksha – This word is derived from the Sanskrit Daksha which means “to see” and refers to a deity in Hinduism who was known for his wisdom.

Female Indian Horse Names

Here are few common names for horses in the Indian language.

Aabha – The word Aabha is the Sanskrit term for a ray of light. In fact, it means “The Light.” A popular belief holds that such an auspicious name should only be used on formal occasions and not by casuals or vernacular speakers.

Aanchal – The word ‘Aanchal’ is derived from the Sanskrit and Hindi words meaning protection, shelter. She can be considered as a guardian angel or protector of society in ancient times.

Babi – The word “babi” comes from the Indian language and means one who uses wisdom.

Chanda – Chanda means the moon in Hindi. The word chandra, which is also a Sanskrit name of Hindu gods that means “moon,” has been traced back to ancient India and its Vedic culture where it was used to signify fertility as well as nighttime rituals by worshippers.

Chandeep – It stands for bright in the Hindi Language

Chandri – Sheds light on everyone


How To Name Your Horse In Indian?

Choosing a horse’s name can be challenging. Now there is a solution for all those horse lovers looking for the perfect name! Besides choosing between registered and stable nicknames, an owner may also want their foal named by someone they know well or themselves.

Name them after famous horses like Chand or Chanda which are perfect names for male and female Indian horses.

For everyday use, short names are great, since they are easier to say and less likely to be shortened. Make sure the horse name sounds good with other words as well- many horses only have one syllable or two syllables in their names. It might sound strange if you shout “Whoa!” across a pasture when your horse’s full name is Bo!

While picking a specific Indian horse name you can have a look at Indian breeds. There are few Indian breeds in dark brown or chestnut color which put s great impact. Picking names on the basis of color or appearance is a shiny idea.

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