King Series Saddle Review: How Good in Comfort?

If you are true equine enthusiasts and have much knowledge and experience about horse tack and brands, you surely have heard about the King Series Saddle. They are Western Saddle manufacturers which carry a smaller price tag than most other saddle brands.

King Series offer a wide array of saddles with different size options for small and large horses. These saddles facilitate different riding disciplines. A rider can find whatever he is looking for in their saddle collection.

To save you some time, we have picked some best King Series Saddle for you to choose from.

5 King Series Saddle Review

1. King Series Eclipse by Tough1 Round Skirt Competition Saddle

King Series Saddle is synonymous with Western Saddle manufacturers. Our first King Series saddle on the list is the Round Skirt Competition saddle. It lacks the traditional looks but makes up for it with durability and quality.

Lightweight – The weight of the saddle is, sometimes, the biggest concern for the rider. No worries, as the saddle is lightweight, comfortable both for the rider and the horse.

Maximum Shock Absorption – The saddle is designed in such a way to absorb shock and impact. With ample padding, it brings maximum comfort during rough trail rides.

Comfortable Seat – Equipped with a comfortable padded suede seat, this saddle is perfect for bumpy terrains. The seat is made from suede leather which provides extra cushioning.

Skirts, Fenders & Stirrups – Skirts and fenders are made of scratch-resistant synthetic leather with neoprene added to the skirt. Stirrups are also padded to relieve joint stress.

Colors – It comes in unusual color combinations like Black/Pink and Black/Turquoise. The saddle is adorned with silver conchos.


  • Well-made, fits most horses perfectly
  • Deeper than the usual seat to ensure a comfortable ride
  • Lightweight and impact absorbing build.


  • Narrow bars over the shoulder
  • Stirrups should have been longer.

2. King Series Mini Synthetic Saddle

The mini synthetic saddle is built for smooth and easy rides. It can be a perfect companion for long hours of riding. It holds up beautifully to long-term use. This King Series saddle mostly fits mini horses and is not designed for large, thick horses.

Build – Crafted from an exclusive, reinforced fiberglass tree for added durability and stability. The fiberglass tree construction comes with a 5-year warranty.

Suede Seat – The saddle seat is carved deeper than usual that holds the rider well. Made from grippy material suede, the seat is sufficiently padded for optimal comfort.

Saddle Components – Skirts and fenders are made from the Cordura(R) nylon synthetic with handsome leather jockeys, pommel, and cantle. Features Nylon tie straps, a reinforced stirrup bar, and Blevins style quick change buckles.

Shock-Absorbing – The saddle has impact diluting construction which helps a lot when riding on a bumpy trail. It is a perfect partner of energetic rides.

Colors – Available in Black and Black/Pink color, the saddle is beautified with a silver billet slot and conchos.


  • Get quality while not going out of budget
  • Fits most mini horses
  • Lightweight 
  • Fiberglass tree has a 5-year warranty 


  • Hard to keep upright 

3. King Series Comfort Gaited Saddle

If you are planning plenty of time in the saddle for long rides, opt for this saddle from the King Series. Ergonomically designed to contour to the horse’s body, the Comfort Gaited Saddle will be kind to you and the horse’s back.

Lightweight – The lightweight, comfortable trail saddle does not add a significant amount of extra burden to the horse’s back. It is also comfortable for the rider as well.

Perfect for Gaited Horses – This saddle is suitable for modern-day gaited horses. It ensures freedom of movement with a round skirt making it a perfect fit for a gaited horse.

Construction – Equipped with rawhide tree-covered bars that make the construction of a whole saddle durable. The well-made saddle vows to last many years.

Saddle Parts – Features a smooth leather throughout with serpentine tooled border, padded leather seat, neoprene in skirts for extra cushioning, Tough-1 quick change buckles, saddle strings and snaps, padded sewn leather stirrups, and extra dee rings for gear.

Shock-Absorbing – The riders often want a saddle with padding so that they can protect themselves from the impact of bumps on the road. No need to worry, it is made keeping the rider’s consideration in mind.


  • Ideal for gaited horses
  • Ensures freedom of movement
  • Padded leather seat
  • Lightweight, comfortable, shock-absorbing


  • Expensive 

4. King Series Krypton Synthetic Pony Saddle

King Series have saddles for small and large horse sizes, this one facilitates the pony horses. The saddle is beautiful and comes in unusual colors, most saddles are either black or brown. The beautiful saddle does not just excel in beauty but quality as well.

Build – Exclusive, reinforced fiberglass tree construction offers maximum security during the rides. The carefully thought construction allows the saddle to last many seasons.

Lightweight – The saddle weighs more or less 14 pounds. The lightweight design makes it easier for horses to carry during long rides.

Saddle Parts – The saddle is armed with tough Cordura(R), nylon synthetic skirts, and fenders along with handsome leather jockeys, pommel,  and cantle.

Seat – Deeply padded seat holds the rider in securely, ample padding, and the seat design offers rider security while not compromising on comfort.

Colors – It is available in four colors like Black, Brown, Pink, and Turquoise. The saddle parts are tied together and adorned with a silver billet slot and conchos.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Scratch-resistant nylon skirt and fenders
  • Styled with silver billet slot and conchos
  • Beginner-level rider saddle


  • A user can encounter some problems with the fitting.

5. King Series Training Saddle 16in Tan

The traditional-looking western saddle by King Series checks all the boxes of an ideal training saddle. Made from premium material, this saddle may outlive saddles of many other renowned brands.

Construction – Crafted on a solid rawhide-wrapped fiberglass tree to hold it well to years of use. Premium quality material has added many years to the lifetime of the saddle.

Seat – The well-balanced roughout training saddle features a padded suede seat for a comfortable, secured, and balanced ride.

Skirts – Equipped with a double stitched skirt, Tough1 quick-change stirrup buckles, and completed with stainless steel in-skirt rigging.

Saddle Parts – The saddle has leather-covered stirrups, a 2″ tall horn, 13″ swell, 7 ¼ ” Gullet, 4″ cantle, and quarter horse bars.


  • Traditional looking western saddle
  • Durable
  • Well-constructed


  • Heavy

What to look for in an Ideal Saddle?

After buying a horse, the next thing that requires an investment, horse tack, precisely, a saddle. Saddles are quite expensive costing hundreds of dollars, so the piece of equipment needs to be carefully chosen as per the requirement. The following factors should be considered when buying a saddle.


There are two styles of riding, English and Western riding. There are two predominant saddle styles like English Saddle and Western Saddle. Today, there are different types of saddles available in the market for different riding disciplines.

Racing saddles, jumping saddles, and working hunter saddles, rope saddle, training saddle, show saddle, to name a few. Buy the one to enhance the performance in the desired riding discipline.

Leather or Synthetic

Leather or Synthetic saddle? This is a chicken or egg question to which no one knows the answers. Both saddles have their own pros and cons. 

Saddles made of synthetic leather and suede materials are lightweight, easy to clean, and affordable. Leather saddles are pricey but durable, you would be investing in years of service.


We can not emphasize enough how important the right fitting of a saddle is. An ill-fitted saddle gives rise to all sorts of training and health problems.

If you do not know much, ask an expert about the measurements and the saddle fitting. If you want to have a comfortable ride with the horse, choose a saddle that fits the horse perfectly.

What Makes King Series Saddles Ideal?

Most people buy King Series saddles for the following attributes

  • Easy to Clean – King Series manufacture synthetic saddles so they do not need hours of polishing with saddle soap, just a mere wipe would do the cleaning.
  • Shock-Absorbing Build – These saddles are designed to protect the horse’s back and save you from the impact as well. Made with ample padding to absorb shock.
  • Affordable – If you are looking for an inexpensive Western saddle brand or manufacturer, guess what, you have found one, it goes by the name, King Series Saddle.

Risks Of Buying King Series Saddles

There are some disadvantages to buying saddles from this brand, however, the negative outcome can be minimized.

  • Saddle Fitting – Many users have complained about the saddle fitting and the inability to keep it upright. The saddles keep slipping on low-withered horses.
  • Stiff Fenders – If the rider feels like his ankles are sore or ache, it may be because the fenders are too stiff and hard to break in.

Concluding Thoughts

Kings Series seems like a nice brand with a huge collection of saddles. There are some pros and cons to it, they fit most horses, look nice, and a buyer does not have to break a bank to buy it. However, the quality is not up to the mark all the time and these saddles are prone to damage.

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