Can You Breed a Skeleton Horse in Minecraft?

I got to know that my last two articles on Minecraft’s most struggling issues have helped a lot of you. My best friend, who also happens to be my regular website visitor, texted me last night saying, ” I was on the verge of quitting Minecraft but your last articles have saved me from taking an emotional step. I request you to write more. Thank you, man!”

It’s so good to know that the effort I put into writing is bringing ease to someone. So a simple text message from my dear friend encouraged me to write more about Minecraft. We previously discussed how to heal a horse in Minecraft and can you put a horse in a boat in Minecraft

So, if you are joining us from this article, give them a read as well. For those who are new to this Minecraft world let me just quickly explain it first, we will then be discussing “can you breed a skeleton horse in Minecraft?”

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was developed back in 2009. It demands you to explore, craft tools, and build a blocky world. It has no specific goals the players can play as they want to play.

Can you breed a skeleton horse in Minecraft?

As per my gaming experience with Minecraft, the skeleton horses are undead variants of regular horses so they neither be bred nor be fed. Till now, it’s impossible to breed skeleton horses even after the updates.

Skeleton and zombie horses in Minecraft are just not for breeding

Skeleton and zombie horses are the only horses that cannot reproduce. So, it wouldn’t be fair to hate skeleton horses alone for their disability. 

If the said horses can be bred then how do we obtain more?

The zombie and skeleton horses can not be produced via breeding. To obtain more zombie horses the players have to use the spawn eggs and the subject of discussion skeleton horses can be found in the wild.

If they can not be bred or fed then what’s the use?

The skeleton horses are a pretty useful means of transportation. In fact, they are considered the fastest means of transportation. The skeleton horses can be used to ride in water, jump fences, and climb hills. They aren’t that useless.

They can be tamed but not be bred, the debate ends here!

The debate whether the skeleton horses are bred not ends here with a note that the skeleton horse can not reproduce. They can be tamed and used for riding, climbing the mountains, and jumping the fences.

Breed a Skeleton Horse

Only the regular horses can be bred in Minecraft

Only the regular horses in Minecraft can be bred. They can be bred easily by following these steps;

  • Look for the horse in savanna biomes, plain biomes, or village stables
  • You need two golden apples (can be obtained from any kind of oak tree) or golden carrots (comes either from village farms or zombie drops) to make the spark fly
  • Tame the parents-to-be first as you would not be able to breed otherwise
  • Offer them food and wait for the hearts to fly above their head
  • Once they are in “Love mode” they need to be within 8 blocks so be careful of their need
  • The breeding process will come to an end with a kiss. 
  • Your job is done, a foal will appear right after the kiss

What else you need to know about breeding?

Breeding is not a complicated process in Minecraft. You need to know that the horses that have just been bred need 5 minutes to calm down. They can not be brought back into the Love mode in any way. After five minutes, the player can refeed golden apples and golden carrots to bring a new baby horse into this blocky work.

All animals in Minecraft are bred the same way

Minecraft is just not only about horses it has other animals too; wolves, llamas, sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, cats, donkeys, pandas, foxes, and bees, etc. All these animals are fed their specific food to initiate the process of breeding.

Golden Apples and Golden carrots can only work on donkeys and horses

Remember! Each animal in Minecraft is brought into the love mode with different food items. The golden apple and golden carrots can only work for horses and donkeys. The other popular animals can be brought into love mode by feeding the following food items;

Wolves – Meat (other than fish)

Llamas – Hay Bales

Sheep/Cows – Wheat

Pigs – Carrots, Beetroots, Potatoes 

Rabbits – Carrots, Golden carrots, Dandelion

Foxes – Sweet Berries

Cats – Raw Cod and Raw Salmon

Wolves, llamas, horses, cats, and donkeys must be tamed before breeding

The foxes, rabbits, pigs, and sheep, etc can be bred without taming but horses, cats, donkeys must be tamed first to initiate the process of breeding.

How can horses be tamed for breeding?

The horses can either be tamed by offering food or by riding them. They should be ridden again and again until they stop throwing you away. 

The foal takes 20 minutes to reach sexual maturity

The foal that is produced as a result of recent breeding takes 20 minutes to reach adulthood. So, after the said period you can ride and breed them the same way as his parents were bred.

The maturing period can be shortened

The maturing period of the foal can be shortened with certain food items like apples, wheat, hay bales, and foal sugar. These food items can shave off a 10% growing period. The foals can be fed again and again until they reach maturity.

In brief, all the animals, even the hummingbirds’ bees in Minecraft can be bred to achieve more but the skeleton and zombie horses can neither be fed nor be bred. The number of skeleton horses can be improved by finding them in the wild. For the record, only the regular horses are breedable. The horses must be tamed to initiate the breeding process. Lastly, I hope this article has answered all your questions!

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