6 Best Waterproof Barn Boots Reviews (2024)

Our recent post “Best Barn Boots” has encouraged us to get more specific, so here we are with the best waterproof barn boots. As all work boots are made to serve differently, you can not blindly place an order considering them all “waterproof”. Just so you do not have to go through hundreds of options here are our recommendations for waterproof barn boots; 

Best Waterproof barn boots reviews

1. Tingley Economy Kneed Waterproof Boots

Though these Tingley boots are specifically made for agricultural purposes, the versatility in the design makes them perfect for barn jobs as well. These boots are 100% waterproof, they have got Amazon’s recommendation as the “best waterproof rain boots”.

Material: These Tingley boots are crafted from 100% pure polyvinyl chloride(PVC), a material that has got the reputation of being breathtakingly waterproof. The injected molding leaves no excuse for water to enter the boots.

Construction: These least-known waterproof boots can be called high-end as they run a little above the ankle. Cleated, tough outsole provides excellent abrasion and wrinkle resistance. These Tingley boots can be shaped to perfection as they allow you to add shoe inserts for added comfort and protection.

Chemical resistance: PVC is naturally resistant to certain acids, hydrocarbon, caustic, alcohol, fats, and oils. Though chemical resistance is not required for the barn work if we have to step out in the boots for other purposes, chemical resistance may be required. 

Size, Variety of use: Besides barn and farm work, these PVC boots are multi-purpose, they can be worn for agricultural, construction, industrial purposes as well. These Tingley boots are not gender-specific, they come in eleven women’s and men’s sizes. 


  • Versatile 
  • 100% waterproof 
  • Abrasion and wrinkle resistant outsole 
  • Can be treated with shoe inserts 
  • Chemical resistant 
  • Allow a variety of use
  • In Amazon’s choice 
  • High-end
  • Durable and affordable 
  • Comes in eleven different men and women sizes
  • Pure PVC crafted


  • No-slip resistance
  • Wears down easily 

2. Tidewe Multi-Purpose Waterproof Rubber Boots 

Tidewe is another no biggie that took the rubber boots world by storm. Tidewe made a way to farm and barn worker’s hearts by their innovative design and affordable prices. 

Material: These boots are entirely made from 100% pure rubber. The pure rubber makes them nearly unbreakable, stretch, abrasion, and wrinkle resistant. This material has got a reputation for protecting the skin against burns, acids, and chemicals. 

Maximum foot and ankle support: As the purpose of such boots is to protect the feet against weather, injuries, and other such unfavorable conditions, so keep that in mind these Tidewe boots are engineered to offer maximum support to the feet and ankles. Besides comfort and support, these boots are flexible enough not to restrict movement. The rubber used in these boots is super flexible, it can be folded and molded as per the requirements. 

The pull-on loop: Like all expensive boots rocking the wearer’s world out there, these low-maintenance boots are also embellished with a pull-on loop. As these boots are a bit harder to wear than the regular ones, the pull-on loop helps in slipping off the feet. 

Waterproof, Use: Rubber is just as waterproof as PVC. It doesn’t allow the moisture to get in and mess around freely. As the title suggests, these Tidewe boots can be worn in rain, for farm and barn work. Perfect for fishing, hunting, camping as well. Read our complete guide on the list of best rubber boots for farm work.

Color and sizes: These multi-purpose boots come in two different colors(pink and green) and seven sizes. Please pay attention to the sizing chart before placing an order. 


  • 100% Waterproof 
  • Offer maximum comfort and support 
  • Super flexible 
  • Contains a steel shank between the insole and the outsole
  • Durable 
  • Highly stretch and wrinkle-resistant 
  • Multi-purpose 


  • Not a specific barn boots

3. HISEA Men’s Neoprene Work Boots

HISEA specializes in hunting waders, fishing waders, and boots. HISEA boots are designed in the USA and carefully crafted in Southeast Asia and the Carribean area. This boot manufacturing company was founded in 2011 and it has been winning our hearts since. The HISEA boots have got the farm, barn, and field workers’ recommendations because of their ideal weight, durability, and affordable prices. 

Material: To add toughness and strength these work boots are manufactured from a rubber neoprene blend. This match made in heaven does not just deliver the comfort barn worker’s feet deserve but also provides reliable traction on slippery wet surfaces. This neoprene rubber chemistry is tough enough to take in the abuse of asphalt, concrete, and rocky terrain.

Size and measurements: Unlike all recommended boots, the HISEA boots come with a foot measuring guide and a detailed sizing chart. These waterproof rubber boots come in 8 sizes; 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and 13. The company suggests the buyers trace the feet on paper, measure the traced feet in inches, and compare it to the sizing chart listed with the boots. The sizing chart also contains the insole length, calf, width, and shaft measurements.

Color: HISEA also offers a variety of color options as well. The buyer can order these boots in black, brown, blue, camo, green, grey, or khaki color. More to read, if you want to use cowboy work boots for farming.


  • The USA made
  • Perfect for farm, barn, and field workers
  • Comes in all possible sizes, with feet measuring guide and a detailed sizing chart
  • 100% waterproof 
  • Non-slip
  • Can handle the asphalt, concrete, and rocky terrain abuse
  • Available in black, brown, blue, camo, green, grey, and khaki colors


  • Not a specific barn boot

4. Custom Leathercraft Men’s Waterproof Boots

Custom Leathercraft manufactures and offers all kinds of work gears. Besides waterproof rubber boots, Custom Leathercraft also specializes in pouch handles, pouch pockets, bag trays, knee pads, and gloves, etc. This work gear manufacturing company prefers comfort and durability over good looks. Designing, detailing, backing, stitching, reinforcing, and binding, each process is performed under strict expert supervision. 

Material: Rubber, neoprene, and PVC(polyvinyl chloride) blend are what these Custom Leathercraft Men’s Waterproof boots are made from. This rubber, neoprene, PVC blend makes these boots exceptionally durable, lightweight, oil, abrasion, waterproof, stretch, and wrinkle-resistant. Rubber, neoprene, and PVC are mixed to make these boots more comfortable and to bring down stiffness.

Deep angle cleated outsole: unlike other options, these Custom Leathercraft men’s waterproof boots are embellished with a deep angle cleated outsole. The deep-angle cleated outsole offers maximum support and prevents slips. These boots are best to use in paddock or farm work.

Sizing and color: These Custom Leathercraft boots come in 16 different sizes and black colors. These boots have room for socks. 


  • Comes in 16 sizes
  • Oil, abrasion, waterproof, stretch, and wrinkle-resistant
  • Deep angle cleated outsole offers maximum support
  • Innovative heel cut
  • Rubber, neoprene, and PVC(polyvinyl chloride) blend


  • Least-known brand 
  • Got one color

5. Western Chief Women’s Wide Calf Waterproof Boots 

The Western Chief shoe stores started operating officially in 1891, this family-owned business is now celebrating 130 of success. This shoe store is constantly working and improving its shoes and accessories. From strolling to brunch to grabbing coffee, Western Chief shoe store has boots for all occasions. 

Material: These Western Chief Women’s Wide Calf Waterproof Boots are crafted from superior grade rubber that promises comfort and durability. The superior-grade imported rubber offers better grip, thus preventing slips, trips, and falls to a great extent. The Western Chief boots can be a reliable work partner for several years to come. 

Patterned: Usually, the rubber boots are either in brown or black, we hardly get to see funky boots that match the women’s spirit. The Western Chief shoe store took it on their shoulders to introduce patterned rubber boots that complement the female gender. These boots come in four cute patterns; raindrop, feminine floral, plain black, and bandana navy. 

Sizing and colors: Color may not bother males but females are quite choosy when it comes to colors and patterns. The colors of these boots are kept basic but the patterns are lively and colorful. As far as the sizing is concerned, these boots are available in 6 to 11 sizes. 

Wide calf: Most High-end boots users struggle with the calf opening, usually the calf openings are too tight for the jeans to fit in. These boots are carefully crafted to not be too tight or too loose around the calf. It has room for jeans and socks as well. 

Self-cleaning outsole: The innovative Self-cleaning outsole serves the owners of the boot like no other thing. The outsole does not allow dirt or debris to sit in and ruin the look. 


  • Wider around the calf
  • Funky patterns
  • Comes in all basic colors except brown
  • Available in all possible adult women sizes
  • Superior-grade rubber
  • Prevents slips, trips, and falls
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Self-cleaning outsole 


  • Rain boots

6. HISEA Ankle Waterproof Rubber Boots

This HISEA creation made it to our list because of it’s versatility and simplicity. These boots are designed to spice up the barn worker avatar effortlessly. These multi-purpose boots can be used for hunting, fishing, field, agriculture, and barn work. 

Material: Like all boots recommended on this list, this case is also made from superior-grade rubber. The high-grade rubber offers comfort, toughness, flexibility, heat retention, and abrasion resistance. 

Protection: These boots are not as high as the other recommended boots are, but they protect the feet and ankle quite well. The sealed rubber shell prevents injuries, bruises, blisters, and water to enter the boots. Reinforced heels prevent and heal heel cracks. 

Unisex: These HISEA boots are not made for any specific gender, the versatility of these boots allows both males and females to get benefit from them. 

Measuring guide and sizing chart: Like the previous HISEA boots, these versatile waterproof boots are also listed with detailed feet measuring guide and a sizing chart. The sizing chart includes Insole length, calf, width, and shaft measurements. 

Colors: Though these boots are not manufactured in a wide range of colors they do come in all demanded colors. The colors listed on Amazon are black, camo, green, and purple. 


  • Unisex
  • Handy
  • Medium length
  • Listed with a detailed feet measuring guide and sizing chart 
  • Available in black, camo, green, and purple colors
  • Versatile
  • Prevents injuries, bruises, and blisters
  • 100% waterproof 
  • Reinforced heels
  • Comfortable, durable, and affordable 


  • Unisex, sizing can cause issue

How can you find the best waterproof boots for a barn job?


The first thing that demands your attention is “material”. Not all materials are 100% waterproof.  The boots that go well with the rough and tough barn job are made from rubber, neoprene, or PVC(polyvinyl chloride). All these three materials mentioned above are 100% waterproof so, if you have found the rubber/neoprene/PVC boot of your dreams, do not hesitate to place an order. 


Sizing can improve or bring down the barn worker’s performance. The boots should neither be too tight nor too loose, we therefore recommend you to go through the listed sizing chart at least once to avoid disappointment. 


We know you are not ordering these boots for the red carpet look, still the color and the design should not be neglected. You work well, when you feel good, you feel good when you look good. So, ditch those basic black and brown colors, look for some other color. 

Length and width

The boot length and width should also be your concern. As you are solely ordering these boots for protection, length and width would tell you how protective these boots would be. 


Lastly, you also need to look whether the boots are rightly priced or not. Some boots, on Amazon, are overly expensive, do not get disheartened if the boots you have selected are a bit pricey. Keep searching, you would definitely end up finding the best one at the right price. 

Our recommendation?

Though we have been recommending what we have found quite up to mark for this purpose, if still, we need to shortlist one or two options, we would pick HISEA Ankle Waterproof Rubber Boots and Custom Leathercraft Men’s Waterproof Boots Out of the list.

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