How Much Do Cowboy Boots Cost? Brands Price Breakdown

Cowboy avatar is incomplete without Cowboy boots. The classic Cowboy boot’s appearance often got us thinking that they are out of our reach. For all cowboys at heart that have been waiting to complete the look for years, we have decided to discuss how much do”actually” cost. So, they know how much they need to save to get one for them. 

Cowboy boots are a specific style of boots, usually embroidered, that are embellished with high heels(not so high but high) and rounded or pointed toes.

As these boots are heavily embroidered, made for rough and tough use, they are either made from genuine or high-grade synthetic leather. Using exotic snakes, ostrich, elephant, elk, Buffaloe, lizard, and alligator’s skin in manufacturing cowboy boots to perfection is also quite common. The expensive material, unique embroidery, and labor make these boots a bit more expensive than regular boots.

There are few factors that can take up or bring down the cowboy boots price, we would be discussing them as well. But let’s discuss the “cost” first. 

So, how much do Cowboy Boots cost? 

Several boots brands are manufacturing and offering cowboy boots on Amazon, their price varies by a great extent. Ariat, Tony Lama, Lucchese, Rocketbuster, Dan Post, and Justin Boots are the few brands that have been widely appreciated by cowboys. 

If we look for the cowboy boots online, we would see Ariat, Roper, Wolverine, Deer Stags gathering all the attention. Ariat’s cowboy boots are roughly from $80 to $400, Wolverine’s $80 to $250, Deer Stags’ $39 to $180, Roper’s $60 to $200.

Please note that, you can get the average cowboy boots at the above-mentioned prices, the hot selling items are a “totally” different case. They would look similar but will be slightly more expensive than the regular ones. 

As this article is solely being written to enlighten all the naive cowboys out there, let’s highlight all the Amazon’s positively reviewed best selling cowboys boots with their prices;

Ariat Groundbreaker Square-Toe Cowboy Boots$129 to $295
Ariat Heritage Round Toe Western Cowboy Boots$159 to $330
Roper Men’s Mesh Cowboy Boots $84 to $99
Ariat Rambler Western Boots  $149 to $273
Roper women’s Riley Western Cowboy Boots$57 to $103
Roper Unisex Child American Patriot cowboy boots$47 to $65
Deer Stags Unisex Pull-On Western Cowboy Boots$34 to $110
Ariat Sport Patriot Western Cowboy Boots$159 to 295
Roper Unisex Child Glitter Western  Cowboy Boots$51 to $66
Ariat Delilah Leather Western  Cowgirl  Boots$109 to$250
Guide Gear Slip On Western Cowboy Boots$80 to $89

As you can see the prices are fluctuating between the above-mentioned given ideas. It’s super important for you to know that each size of the Cowboy would be selling at a different price. Size is one of the factors that determine the price of cowboy boots.

Now that our readers have got the basic idea of how much they need to save to get one pair, let’s discuss what other factors can bring down or take up the price of cowboy boots. 


Factors that affect the Cowboy Boots prices

The few factors that are blamed to be the reason for Cowboy Boots Price fluctuation are;

  • Material
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Design
  • Embroidery 
  • Amazon fee


The first factor that should be majorly blamed for the high price is “Material”. Most of the Cowboy Boots listed on Amazon are made from genuine cow grain leather, which is just super expensive in all senses. Cowboy boots should be easy to stretch manual or tool.

If the Cow grain leather is further embellished with exotic snakes, ostrich, elephant, elk, Buffaloe, lizard, and alligator’s skin, it’s quite fair for the brand to charge $300 to $350 for a pair. Don’t you agree?


As you know, not all of us can afford popular brands, they are usually adding a fixed amount of money for their brand name as well. It’s pretty obvious if you go for a popular brand like Ariat, Ariat, Tony Lama, Lucchese, Rocketbuster, Dan Post, and Justin Boots, you would end up paying more whereas the least-known brands would be affordable.

The brands listed on Amazon are all super expensive, their boots have even gone up to $350, if you want to get the Cowboy Boots pair at an affordable price, we would suggest you visit the local stores nearby. Amazon charges a noticeable fee that’s another reason why the prices are usually high. 


Size never really affects the price but as far as the Cowboy Boots are concerned, it does. The reason is as the size goes up, more leather or animal skin would be used, more embroidery would be required, the labor cost would also go up. So all these costs take up the price of the Cowboy Boots. 


Cowboy Boots come in several styles and designs, the Cowboy Boot structure and the style that requires more hard work would be sold at a higher price. Bottom line is, the simplest design would be cheaper than the embroidered ones. (Source)


Embroidery plays an important role in increasing or decreasing the price. The boots that are heavily  embroidered would be expensive whereas the boots with minimal or no embroidery would be cheaper and affordable. 

Amazon Fee

Amazon fee can not affect all boots prices, the boots that are available in stores ready to be taken home, can not get affected by it. The price of the boots that are listed online does get affected by Amazon’s fee. If the company has to introduce the new collection, advertisement and all other relevant costs are also added. 


Not all Cowboy Boots are being sold for more or less the same price, the prices of the said boots greatly depend on a few factors; material, size, brand, embroidery, Amazon fee, and design.

The best-selling brands Ariat, Tony Lama, Lucchese, Rocketbuster, Dan Post, and Justin Boots are usually expensive on average, you would be required to pay somewhere between $100 to $300. 
Lastly, we would like to mention here that the prices listed here are all taken from Amazon, the Cowboy Boots being Sold in stores can be expensive or cheaper. This article would only be helpful for online buyers.

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