The 7 Best Helmet Cameras For Horse Riders in 2024

If you intend to share your love for riding horses by videoing your journey, you may need to invest in a helmet camera. Having the best helmet camera has several benefits, it is fun to capture and recall magical moments while riding across open countryside. It also comes in handy when you have gotten into a dispute with another road user. With video evidence, you can surely prove your innocence.

Some of the best helmet cameras for horse riders are as follows.

Best Helmet Cameras For Horse Riders

1. GoPro Hero Waterproof Digital Action Camera

It is only fair to start our list of best helmet cameras for riders with a gem from GoPro. Most vloggers and professionals trust GoPro cameras for their efficiency.

With sturdy construction and durable design, it is easy to shoot any adventure.

While riding in a scenic location, you can capture the landscape and memories efficiently with this camera from GoPro.

Touch Screen – This GoPro Digital Camera features a 2-inch touch screen to easily switch between different modes and settings to get the perfect frame and shot. 

Voice Control – It works completely hands-free to record on-ride action. With voice control, keep your hands on the rein and give commands like ‘Gopro, start recording’ and ‘GoPro, take a photo.’

Auto Offload – Connect the GoPro app to the camera to check the captured shots instantly. All the photos and videos taken along the ride would automatically move to the GoPro app. 

Waterproof – It is built tough to capture any riding adventure with no worries. The camera is made waterproof to withstand splashes and sprinkles.


  • Shoots amazing 1440p and 1080p video plus 10MP photo
  • Back up photos and videos with the GoPro subscription 
  • Automatically sends footage to the GoPro app
  • Touch screen and voice control
  • Built-in 1220mah lithium-ion battery 


  • Can get overheated when used constantly for a long time

2. Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera

A rider can take this Contour ROAM3 Waterproof camera everywhere he goes. It can record videos of your adventure even in heavy rain thanks to the waterproof design.

Just take it out of the box, mount it on the helmet, and get ready for a ride. This action camera captures high-definition photos and videos. 

Waterproof – The rugged outer casing and aluminum body makes this camera durable and waterproof. You can take the cleanest footage up to 30 feet underwater. 

Instant On Recording – It features an Instant On-Record button to save you from the hassle of complicated recording settings. Simply slide the switch into its locking position to shoot. 

Battery Life – It is ideal for recording long rides as the battery lasts for hours. Long battery life is a definite plus for many riders.

Quick Photo Mode – There is no need to un-mount and navigate through the settings, switch between filming great action footage, and capturing high-res stills with a push button. 


  • Compatible with most mounts
  • Waterproof to 30′ underwater
  • 170° Ultra-Wide Angle Lens with 270-Degree Rotation to mount cameras at different angles
  • Built-In Laser to get the right shooting angle
  • Records audio with a built-in mic
  • Capture HD video 1080p, 960p, 720p


  • Not suitable for recording bumpy rides, results in grainy footage

3. REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD and 12MP Waterproof Sports

This camera by REMALI is one of the best horse riding helmet cameras available today. It comes with many mounting accessories and a shock-proof carrying case for storage.

The versatile camera captures all the riding footage in crystal clear 4K, 2K, 1080P or 720P HD. It can be easily mounted to the helmet with different accessories to offer you optimal mobility.

Photos & Videos – Capture breathtaking riding content in 4K UHD 25FPS. A rider can also film in several options like 2.7K 30FPS, 1080P 60FPS, 1080P 30FPS, 720P 120FPS, and 720P 60FPS. High-Definition snaps can be captured in 12MP/ 8MP/ 5MP/ 4MP. 

Waterproof – The action camera has an IPX8 waterproof case that lets you record footage up to 30m / 98ft underwater. It is made dustproof and waterproof for outdoor riding conditions.

Remote Control – With remote control, a rider can easily capture videos and photos. You can conveniently take photos and videos on the move with a practical wristband strap. 

Wide Angle – Features a 170° ultra-wide-angle lens to get a wider viewing angle. Capture photos and videos of wider scenery with this feature.


  • Built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone
  • Choose exposure level from -2 to +2
  • Comes with 3 rechargeable batteries, a dock charger, and a wall charger
  • Capture Burst Photos, Time Lapse Photos, and Continuous Lapse Photos


  • Camera keeps freezing
  • Short battery life

4. Cambox Isi3 – Black & Blue, 16 GB

This action camera has a unique shape and is specifically designed to keep horse riders in mind.

The helmet camera from Cambox is uniquely built to fit under your visor eliminating the need for strapping a big device to your head.

It is so lightweight and discreet that people would not even notice it on the helmet. A rider can film safely as he rides. 

Velcro Fastening – This slimline helmet cam can be easily fixed to all sorts of visors. Be it Bombs, Helmets, Beanies, Hats, or Caps, it can easily mount on any visor thanks to the velcro fastening. It keeps your hands free while riding on the horse.

High-quality Footage – The third-generation camera from Cambox Horse is ideal for events and equestrian recreation. Capture riding moments in Full HD 1080p. Take clear footage of every breathtaking gallop.

Transfer Files Easily – With an integrated Wi-Fi antenna, you can easily transfer files and configure settings. It has a free mobile app for iOS and Android users.

Guarantee – This “Made in France” camera offers 2 years guarantee to its customers. The guarantee has almost everything covered if anything untoward happens.


  • Can record 80 minutes of HD videos 
  • Ultralight, ultra-discreet, and ultrafine
  • Wireless transfer of photos and videos to the smartphone


  • No 4K videos
  • No image stabilization 

5. GoPro Hero7 Black Waterproof Action Camera

Another GoPro Camera that adds value with convenience. The camera is made durable with waterproof, battle-tested housing.

It is one of the advanced GoPro action cameras for equestrians with smooth stabilized video, live-streaming, voice controls, and extreme ruggedness. It captures smooth footage and has smart-capture superpowers. 

Photos & Videos – The action camera has stunning 4K60 video and 12MP photos. Features ultra-high frame rate 1080p240 and slows down the video up to 8x. Apply HDR, local tone mapping, or noise reduction to optimize content.

Video Stabilization – You will get a gimble-like video with a HyperSmooth video stabilization feature. It predicts the movements and removes the camera shake to capture smooth footage. 

Live Streaming – If you want to live stream your on-ride experience, there is a feature to share your journey as you live it. Video stream to Facebook Live and save streaming videos.

TimeWrap Video – Viewers can have trouble watching hours of riding footage. With Time-lapse video, increase the speed up to 30x to shorten the video without cutting any part out.


  • Rugged, waterproof housing to 33ft
  • Control camera hands-free with voice commands
  • Touch screen with different capture modes
  • Shoot in portrait orientation
  • Includes a timer


  • Low light video can be a bit grainy
  • Shooting 4K videos drain the battery quickly 

6. AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera

Capture the finest moments on horseback with AKASO Action Camera. Comes with different mounting and charging accessories for ease of use.

Record and recall your riding adventures in high-quality videos and photos. It is a multi-purpose action camera that allows you to shoot precious memories through different modes.

Video Quality – Capture your riding adventure in 4K 30FPS/2.7K, 30FPS/1080P, 60FPS to recall them later. Take 16MP photos at up to 30 frames per second for stunning, clear photos.

Remote Control – Wireless wrist 2.4G remote control makes it easier to control the camera, frame shots, and record video without needing to unmount it and configure the setting.

Built-in Wi-Fi – Share your precious riding moments instantly with others using Wi-Fi and HDMI. The WiFi signal range is about 10 meters.

The WiFi-enabled camera can be easily connected to the smartphone. The free camera app lets the user preview and offload content in minutes.

Wide-angle lens – Just so the rider does not miss any detail of the scenic location, it features a 170° wide-angle lens to let you capture a more expansive field view. 


  • Many shooting modes like loop recording, burst photo, and time-lapse.
  • Switch between photo and video mode with just a button
  • Waterproof case to 98FT/30M
  • Comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and valuable accessories 


  • The app keeps crashing
  • Low-quality images and audio

Things To Consider When Buying a Helmet Camera For Horse Riding

Choosing the right helmet camera for horse riding is not easy at all as the rider is spoilt for choice. With so many options, it is understandable that the rider gets clueless as to what to go for.

There are different cameras to consider for short journeys and big riding adventures. If you are a newbie, just consider the following factors before buying a helmet camera.


It is important to note that what would you be using the cameras for. If it is just for recording the journey then you may not need a fancy camera with advanced technology.

Buying a high-end professional camera will certainly cost more. If you want a basic helmet cam, look no further than the dashcam types of camera. 


While riding, your hands should be where they belong, on the reins. Instead of adjusting the camera frequently, invest in a camera that operates with a remote control or voice activation. These cameras are safer to control while riding.


Check out the specifications to know the lens type used in the camera. While capturing the riding journey, it is important to buy cameras with larger lenses to capture a wider view. A rotating or wide perspective lens can fit a lot of scenery in the lens.


It is a no-brainer that the quality of the footage matters a lot. You should not get a headache while previewing the footage. It should be smooth and not grainy at all.

The video and image quality should be 4K if you want to capture clear videos. 

Audio Quality

Most users overlook this feature, it is also important to consider when buying a helmet camera unless you intend to overlay all your videos with music. Some modern cameras come with noise reduction feature to cut down all the unnecessary sounds. 

Battery Life

The battery should last long to capture your whole on-ride action. Shooting in 4K often drains the battery quickly. Rechargeable batteries are great options, you can have more than one at a time to replace when the first one runs out.


Look for a camera with rugged and waterproof housing which expands the service life of the camera. A durable camera can withstand rough terrain, bouncing, unrelenting bumps, and knocks.
In brief, you now know all the best options for helmet cameras, buy one according to your requirements from any of the aforementioned options.


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