The 4 Best Horse Saddle Bags of 2024

We have discussed saddles here, it’s quite surprising to me right now why saddlebags never crossed my mind before. Never mind better late than never!

The saddlebags are just as needed or demanded as saddles as they keep the horse riding accessories organized throughout the ride.

All saddlebags have compartments that make them look promising but not all such creations are good for the job. Just so our beloved regular readers do not end up spending money on not-so-worth trying saddlebags, we are here with our suggestions and buyer’s guide.

Right before listing down our favorite options allows us to introduce the saddlebags a little. Saddlebags, as the name suggests, are actually the bags that are attached to the saddle. Such bags are used to store essential horse riding accessories and are placed at the side, back, or front of the saddle.

Best Horse Saddle Bags Reviews

1. TrailMax Double-Stitched Horse Pommel Bag For Trail Riding Saddle

TrailMax is a well-trusted brand that has been serving us since 1986. It is one of the few brands that horse enthusiasts can trust blindly.

Most of the TrailMax products, even before reaching the customers, are tested for durability, comfortability, and usability.

This saddlebag is one of the innovative products that has won our hearts with it’s handy design, affordable price, and sleek and stylish design.


This TrailMax is engineered from 100% pure heavy-duty nylon. The TrailMax Double-Stitched Medium Horse Bag might not be as durable as the leather saddlebags but it still is nearly indestructible.

Nylon saddlebags are usually preferred for several forgiving reasons, the two most convincing ones are that they keep the gears dry and fresh for a longer time and are super easy to clean and maintain.

Lightweight, Durable and handy

As this TrailMax’s creation is manufactured from superior-grade nylon, this saddle bag is just as durable as saddlebags should be.

Other than being durable, it is one of the most forgiving saddle bags ever listed on Amazon. It has pockets and sections for all horse riding essentials.

As per the details mentioned on Amazon, this TrailMax double-stitched saddle bag has a cantle, front, pommel, and water bottle pocket.

So, for a super-organized person, this saddle bag would not be any less than a blessing. Moreover, this saddlebag is extremely lightweight, it’s super easy to carry.


This TrailMax horse saddlebag is versatile enough to go well with all sorts of saddles including Australian, Western, and endurance.

So, while placing the order, you do not have to worry if the saddlebag is going to sit well with the saddle or not.

Color and sizes

This TrailMax saddlebag, unfortunately, is available in one standard size. It comes in three different black/sand, glacier blue/silver, and lava red colors.


  • Handy, lightweight, durable
  • Constructed using high-grade nylon
  • Contains cantle, front, pommel, and water bottle pocket
  • Comes in black/sand, glacier blue/silver, and lava red colors
  • Super affordable
  • Well insulated
  • Perfect size


  • No separate strap pocket

2. Cashel Deluxe Horse Saddlebag with padded pockets

Cashel is regarded as a true equibrand that has been serving us with quality horse fly masks, fly sheets, bit guard, horse helmet, earplugs, caps, brims, stirrups cushions, bandages, boots, hock sock, saddle bottle holder, saddle phone holder, and almost all sorts of saddles and accessories.

This saddlebag that we are about to discuss down here is one of their greatest inventions that has brought relief to several horse enthusiasts out there.


This forgiving Cashel saddlebag is also engineered from heavy-duty denier nylon. The denier nylon is known for its thickness, strength, and durability.

Most saddlebags listed on Amazon are made from high-grade denier nylon as they can withstand outdoor wear and tear more than any other similar fabric available out there.

Hook and loop closure, multiple pockets

Pockets are made to organize all essentials whereas the heavy-duty hook and loop closure is placed to lock things up.

Like all saddlebags out there, this innovative horse rider must-have is no exception. It is equipped with all necessary pockets to store and organize spare inner tubes, rain gears, first-aid kit, food, puncture repair kit, and a water bottle, etc.

Moreover, This forgiving saddlebag has an outer mesh pocket as well where the horse rider can keep the trash.

Handy, easy to attach

This saddlebag is just as easy to clean and maintain as any other saddlebag out there.

An all-purpose laundry detergent and a cold water machine washing are enough to bring it back to the original color.

The best part of this deal is that this saddle bag can be attached to any saddle, the strategically placed grommet holes allow easy attachment and quick removal.

Color and sizes

The Cashel deluxe horse saddlebag comes in a standard size that has room for all horse riding essentials.

However, it does come in colors. The horse rider can choose between black, brown, and hot leaf camo colors.


  • Engineered from ultra-durable denier nylon
  • Durable, handy, and affordable
  • Have all necessary compartments
  • Equipped with a cell phone and a mesh pocket for trash
  • Heavy-duty hook and loop closure
  • Comes in black, brown, and hot leaf camo colors
  • Ensures quick attachment and removal
  • Have extra straps to secure the saddlebag to the saddle tightly


  • None

3. Reinsman Deluxe Insulated Leak Proof Cooler Saddle Bag With Cantle Bag And Straps

This Reinsman is our personal favorite for a variety of reasons; the two most legitimate ones are its sleek and stylish design and the space and the number of compartments it has.

This Reinsman saddlebag is probably the only saddle bag that is listed with self-explanatory images and a detailed product description.

So, if having more room and a unique design is what you want, there would be no better option than this Reinsman deluxe Insulated leak-proof cooler saddlebag.


The only issue most horse riders have found with this forgiving saddle bag is that the material used in the construction is not clearly mentioned in the product description.

It’s the right of the customer to know. Even if the material is unknown, the saddlebag is just as durable as any other well-reputed bag listed out there.


Unfortunately, this saddle bag does not allow a variety of uses.

The Reinsman deluxe Insulated leak-proof cooler saddle bag is made to go well with Western saddles.

The regular users claim that it fits best with the western saddles that have rear dee rings, rear cinch slots, Conchos with strings, or conchos with rings.

To bring this bag to usable condition, the saddle has to be round or square skirted.

Multiple compartments

Just like every saddlebag listed on Amazon, this Reinsman saddle bag does have multiple compartments to store and organize all essentials.

Besides having compartments for all horse riding accessories, it is equipped with insulated leak-proof side compartments to store food and drink for the prolonged journey.

Complementary cantle bag and straps

This saddle bag comes with a complimentary cantle bag and straps for the horse rider’s convenience.

For all those who are new to the term, a Cantle bag is a bag that often carries a rain poncho, lunch, and other such items the horse rider needed for a break.

This Reinsman saddle bag also comes with long straps to carry bedroll or rain gear with ease.

Colors and sizes

Unfortunately, this saddle bag does not come in different sizes. It just has space for all possible horse riding accessories horse riders can carry.

However, it does come in two colors; black and brown.


  • Listed with self-explanatory images
  • Has room for possible horse riding accessories
  • Comes with extra straps and a cantle bag
  • Keeps the equipment super organized
  • Durable, handy, and affordable
  • Available in colors
  • Equipped with insulated leak-proof side compartments
  • Goes well with round or square skirted saddles that have rear dee rings, rear cinch slots, Conchos with strings, or conchos with rings


  • Material is not mentioned
  • Goes well with only western round or square saddles that have rear dee rings, rear cinch slots, Conchos with strings, or conchos with rings

4. TrailMax English/Endurance Horse Saddle Bag For Trail Riding

TrailMax is known for upgrading and bringing forward innovative products. It has been rewarding us with the best trail riding, packing, hunting gears, and other horse essentials.

This another TrailMax invention is being recommended for its forgiving nature and superior design. So, here is what matters;


Just as the above-mentioned TrailMax saddle bag, this innovative addition is claimed to be engineered from 100% pure denier nylon.

The said material is known for its thickness, strength, and durability. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and rough and tough use.

As the saddlebag job is super demanding, having it made from the toughest material out there gives the horse rider peace of mind that they have invested in the right gear.

Stay put design, non-damaging

This TrailMax saddlebag is secured with a velcro system, that just does not make it super easy to adjust but would bring down the readjustment requirements as well.

Once the bag is tightly secured, the rider can continue his horse-riding journey without having to readjust it every minute.

Other than that, this saddle bag has a fleece-lined sleeve. The fleece-lined sleeve would not just allow the saddlebag to fit snugly over the cantle but will not damage the saddle as well.

Perfectly-sized compartments

The interior structure of this TrailMax’s saddle bag is thoughtfully designed. Each compartment has one smaller compartment to meet the horse rider’s needs perfectly.

The bigger compartment is roomy enough to hold all major horse riding accessories. The measurements as given by the company are 12″Lx6 ½” Hx6″ W.

Tested and approved

Let alone this TrailMax’s English/Endurance horse saddle bag, all TrailMax’s products are tested and approved by the competitive trail riders.

So, if the competitive trail riders can swear by it, there would not be an issue.


  • Contains a bigger and a smaller compartment side by side
  • Perfect sizing, each major compartment is 12″Lx6 ½”Hx6″ W
  • Fits snugly
  • Does not require readjustments
  • Does not damage the saddle
  • Manufactured from high-grade denier nylon
  • Withstands the outdoor harsh weather well
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Exceptionally strong velcro straps


  • Got no satisfactory reviews

How to Find the Right Saddlebag?

Its true saddle bag shopping can be overwhelming for a newbie as there is a lot to consider, look at, and hope for.

Some of us even start fearing that we would end up missing an important compartment or get an irrelevant bag for our saddle. Just so our horse riders can put their worries aside and enjoy saddle bag shopping, here is what you need to consider while placing an order for a saddlebag.


The first and foremost thing that should capture your interest must be the material. The saddlebags are usually made from nylon, leather, plastic, and synthetic leather.

The saddlebags that are often demanded of horse riding are engineered from nylon. The nylon bags are far more handy, durable, and affordable for horse riding than any other saddlebags.

Try finding a saddle bag that is made from denier nylon as the said material stands for outdoor use well and is less likely to wear down from frequent use. The denier bags are not just durable and handy, they are super cheap as well.

If paying a few more dollars is not an issue, genuine or synthetic leather bags can also be considered. However, it is recommended not to adjust leather bags as they are a bit heavy and require more maintenance.


Now once the material issue is sorted, you have to move ahead to the compartments. Make sure the saddlebag has a compartment for each essential item. The horse rider is expected to keep things inside the bag super organized, double-check the photos and the product description and try judging if the saddlebag you are ordering has all the necessary compartments or not.


Though only a few saddlebags are manufactured in sizes, it’s still important to judge whether the bag you are considering is available in size. If it is available in sizes, you need to double-check whether small, medium, or large size suits your requirements more.

There would be some information relating to the sizing, go check the product description twice to know if it comes in sizes, if it does what suits your requirements more.


Just as the saddlebags hardly come in sizes, being able to choose a color would also rarely happen. Saddles are either in black or brown colors.

So, even if the saddlebag does come in color there would be black and brown colors. If you are thinking of pairing your saddlebag with a black saddle, make sure the bag is black if it’s brown, the bag should also be brown.


Lastly, you have to look at how much you can pay. You do not have to starve to get a saddlebag. Take your time and list down all the affordable options. Compare and judge what is fulfilling your requirements and is not heavy on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are saddlebags used for?

Saddlebags are “actually” storage bags that get attached to the saddles using ties or velcro straps. It has multiple compartments that keep the horse riding essentials super organized.

What are saddlebags made from?

Saddles bags can be made from genuine/synthetic leather, nylon, or plastic. The saddlebags made for horse riding are generally engineered from heavy-duty denier nylon. As the plastic is not good for the environment and genuine/synthetic leather saddlebags are not just heavy but require more maintenance as well.

Are leather saddlebags any good?

Leather saddlebags are much tougher and durable but they are a bit bulky and high-maintenance. Other than the bulkiness and the overly demanding nature, the genuine leather saddlebags are just rewarding in all senses.

Our recommendation?

First of all, It’s so overwhelming to know that my readers still wait for us to reveal my top pick. As all of the saddlebags listed above are my favorite, it would be hard for me to list one down as your top pick. There might are several other saddles bags as I found TrailMax English/Endurance Horse Saddle Bag For Trail Riding With Three Compartments And Quick Release Compression Straps and Reinsman Deluxe Insulated Leak Proof Cooler Saddle Bag With Cantle Bag And Straps.

Lastly, I hope you have found the entire post helpful. It would be so good to know that our writing is bringing new hope to someone’s life.

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