Previcox For Horses with Joint Issues (Arthritis and Laminitis)

Should I go for Previcox or not? Is Pervicox safe for the horses or not? I bet most of the horse keepers might have answered these two and a hundred other similar questions several times. Previcox has been used to treat a medical condition called osteoarthritis for several years but it has still not been legalized to cure any other animal except dogs. Despite the warning, the invention of Equioxx, and mixed reviews, it still has been recommended by the vets. 

In this article, we would be discussing what Pervicox is? the generic name, What exactly is it for? How does it cure the disease? How long does it take to show results? It’s side effects, suggested dosage, and everything else horse keepers need to know.

What is Previcox?

Previcox, as the odd name suggests, is a pill that is made for dogs and is typically used to cure a medical condition. It’s a versatile drug that has been serving the horses equally well.

Generic name

Previcox does not have any such names, it is either called “Previcox” or “Firocoxib”. 

What is it for?

Previcox is a Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is formulated to control pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis, a joint disorder.

According to scientific research, Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that is caused by the breakdown of a rubbery material called “cartilage” responsible for causing friction in the joints. This chronic degenerative process usually occurs in knees, hocks, fetlocks, and stifles. It does not look deadly in the beginning but eventually, it makes the horse lame. 

How does Previcox work?

Previcox reduces pain, inflammation, and other osteoarthritis symptoms by inhibiting the Cyclooxygenase-2 enzyme that is blamed for causing pain and inflammation. It generally starts working immediately but the improvement is usually noticed within two to three days. However, you can consider joint supplements for horses.

How long does it take to cure the pain and inflammation? 

Previcox is known as a fast-acting drug that starts working immediately. As per the legit reports, it takes around four to five days to completely cure the pain and inflammation related to osteoarthritis. However, the minimization in pain and inflammation can be noticed from the very next day. 

Suggested dosage amount

As you have judged this rewarding drug comes in a tablet form, the suggested dosage amount declared by the company is 0.1MG/KG. For example, if the horse weighs around 1000 kgs the safest amount for the horse would be 45 mg.

As it is not made for the horses, the horse enthusiasts have to strictly stick to the suggested dosage amount. This osteoarthritis minimizer is available in 57 and 227mgs only. The vets usually recommend feeding half or a quarter of the drug because there is no other way to get it in the required quantity.

Possible side effects 

The possible issues that the horses can face are; vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination, lethargy, anemia, seizure, decreased appetite, and dark stools, etc. It’s important to mention here that not all horses get the above-mentioned adverse reactions otherwise it would not have been so popular. 


Facts About Use of Previcox”

Equioxx is specifically made to treat the horses, not Pervicox 

Equioxx is an FDA-approved osteoarthritis sister drug, that is specifically made to treat horses. Whereas, the drug that is being discussed in this post is made for dogs. Equioxx is 100% safe and effective in controlling and treating osteoarthritis in horses. It comes in paste and tablet form, tablets are just introduced. 

It’s illegal to treat horses with Pervicox

Though Pervicox has been a source of relief to several hundred thousand horses across the globe, it is still not permissible by law to use this drug on horses. The same company that manufactures this drug offers a similar solution “Equioxx” in paste and tablet form to treat osteoarthritis.

Equioxx is specifically made for the horses but it is usually avoided because it’s expensive and the doggie version is a bit cheaper. FDA and AVMA do not permit recommending Previcox to horses. 

Previcox should only be used when it is prescribed 

Though it has shown remarkable results, it is still recommended to use it only when the vet suggests. The said drug is not made for the horses but dogs, it can potentially harm the poor animal. Only the vet knows whether the osteoarthritis-influenced horse can get relief from it or not. 

Pervicox and Equioxx are both developed for the same purpose and by the same manufacturer 

Equioxx and Pervicoxx are often compared as they are made for the same purpose but different animals. The said drugs are also manufactured by the same company called “Merial”. So, Equioxx is just as effective and trusted as Pervicox. 

Besides reducing pain and inflammation, it minimizes the other symptoms as well

It’s not just pain and inflammation that trouble the horse, stiffness, appetite loss, tenderness, and trouble walking make osteoarthritis even worse. Equioxx and Pervicox both are made to mute all osteoarthritis symptoms, not just inflammation and pain. Read our guide on Can You Ride a Horse With Arthritis?

The effectiveness and the affordable price made Pervicoxx a trusted way a treat osteoarthritis 

We all know, it is even mentioned on the package that Pervicox is made for the dogs, but the effectiveness and breathtaking price difference(between Pervicoxx and Equioxx) didn’t bring down the Pervicoxx demand. 

If Pervicox reacts, the horse keep or vet can not claim the company for the loss 

It is written on the package that it’s for the dogs, not the horses. Despite the label, if any vet suggests it, Pervicox reacts, the claim for loss can not be made at all. As the company has made it clear already. Let alone the loss, FDA can take action against the vet or the horse keeper. 

Pervicox is not safe for long-term use 

Pervicox might have been the vet’s most trusted drug to treat osteoarthritis but it’s not safe for long-term use, especially for horses. If the disease requires long-term treatment, it is recommended to prefer Equioxx even if it’s expensive. 

Pervicox overdose can cause gastric ulceration or kidney failure 

The suggested dosage amount is 0.1mg/kg, going against the suggestion can make the condition even worse. As per the few legitimate reports, the Pervicox overdose can cause gastric ulceration or kidney failure. 

Pervicox comes with the following warning

Pervicox comes with a warning to use it only on the suggested animal, it is also recommended to keep it out of children’s reach.

The correct Pervicox dosage can minimize the side effects 

Pervicox overdose can give birth to several health issues including vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination, lethargy, anemia, seizure, and decreased appetite, etc. Though the health issues are quite alarming fortunately they can be avoided by treating the animal with the correct dosage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How quickly does Pervicox work? 

Pervicox works fast, the relief can be noticed within hours of use. If the animal is not completely taken down by the disease, Pervicox takes three or four days to make osteoarthritis bearable. 

Is Pervicox a painkiller? 

Pervicox is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that helps in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. So, yes it can be referred to as a “painkiller” but not a regular painkiller. 

Can Pervicox cause kidney failure? 

Yes, Pervicox overdose can cause kidney failure and gastric ulceration. Besides kidney failure and gastric ulceration, Pervicox can cause vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination, lethargy, anemia, seizure, decreased appetite, and dark stools, etc as well. 

Is Pervicox bad for horses? 

It has got mixed reviews, it can be bad or be supernaturally effective. If the suggested amount is not harmful, overdose certainly is. The overdose can cause kidney failure and gastric ulceration. 

Does Pervicox cause appetite loss? 

Yes, Pervicox can cause several minor health issues and appetite loss is one of them. The other risks are lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, increased urination, anemia, and seizure, etc. 

Are Pervicox and Equioxx the same? 

Pervicox and Equioxx are both manufactured by the same company called “Merial”. They are both formulated for the same disease(osteoarthritis) but Pervicox is labeled for dogs and Equioxx for horses. 

How long Pervicox take to show a difference? 

Pervicox is believed to be a fast-acting drug. A slight relief can be noticed in a day or so. In three or four days, a remarkable improvement would be noticeable. 

How long Pervicox take to start working? 

It takes 3 or four days to show the difference whereas, just an hour or so to start working. This regards Pervicox as the best osteoarthritis drug on the market. 

What does Pervicox do for horses? 

Pervicox is made to relieve the dogs from pain and inflammation, it does the same to horses, reduce the pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. 

How effective is Pervicox for horses? 

Pervicox is 10/10 effective in treating and curing osteoarthritis in dogs and around 8/10 in horses. Equioxx, a sister drug, is, however, has proven to be more effective than Pervicox. 

Our remarks 

In the end, we would love to share our views. It’s our responsibility to take care of our pets. So even if Equioxx is expensive, we would suggest not to put any horse’s life at risk. Moreover, it’s illegal so it’s not worth it. 


Pervicox, a Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, is formulated to treat and cure a disease called osteoarthritis. The said drug is labeled to use on dogs but the vets do not mind prescribing it to the horses even though it’s illegal. It has been reported giving birth to several health issues including vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination, anemia, and lethargy, etc.

The correct dosage however can minimize the chances of side effects happening to a great extent. The suggested dosage for horses is 0.1mg/kg. It is a fast-acting drug that is proven to show the difference in just three or four days. 


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