How Much Does a Shetland Pony Cost? Price Breakdown

How much does a Shetland Pony cost? Have you been searching Shetland Ponies price lately and not getting satisfactory answers. If you have been thinking of keeping a Shetland pony but want to know the Shetland pony cost ahead of buying, you have come to the right place.

Shetland pony, though small in size may outwork some of the largest draft breeds. Do not let the cute build fool you into thinking of them as delicate little creatures. This incredible child mount is part of the children’s beautiful riding memories.

How much does a Shetland Pony Cost?

To give you an exact number would not be possible as the price of a Shetland Pony varies widely. On average, the cost of a Shetland Pony ranges from $500 to $1500. Shetland Ponies are not as expensive as some other horse breeds. The above-mentioned price may increase for purebred ponies and breeders.

Where to buy?

Many platforms are supporting the sale of Shetland Pony like online marketplaces, general websites, trader, and local barns. 

The age-old cliche “Haste makes waste” could not be more true when it comes to buying a horse. Do not rush into making a deal, opt to spend some time with the pony, bring him home to see if he gets along.

Importing Shetland Ponies

If you could not find the Shetland pony of your dreams in your country, you may go for the import. A pony must possess a passport and be microchipped.

Another requirement, the International Pony Movement Certificate (IPMC) should be filled. However, paperwork is different for each country, some countries allow relaxation on the IPMC.

Adopting a Shetland Pony

There are more than one ways to own a Shetland Pony. If buying is heavier on the pocket, opt to adopt one. Many rescue groups are doing the good work of rescuing ponies and supporting the expenses of feed and shelter. Read guide about other Scottish horse breeds

You can adopt a Shetland Pony by sharing the expense but the Pony remains the property of that particular rescue group. You are allowed to visit and spend some time with the little creature.

Shetland Pony Adoption Websites

Here’s where you can adopt a Shetland Pony

shetland pony cost

How much does it cost to keep a Shetland Pony?

To give you all the numbers for the purchase price and not tell you what happens afterward would just not be fair. You are definitely in the bubble if you believe that after paying for the purchase, it would be a smooth road to walk. As much as we hate to burst your bubble, the upkeep cost of a Shetland Pony may surpass the purchase price by many folds.


You are lucky, you have not fallen in love with a draft breed. Shetland pony, being smaller in size, may not need a large quantity of hay each day. A horse needs 1-1.5 lbs of hay every day per 100 pounds of bodyweight.

A shetland pony may require 3-5 pounds of hay or pasture every day. If the Shetland is feeding on pasture alone, the requirement would jump to 9-13.5 pounds. Hay cost makes a large amount of the annual keeping cost of a pony. 


You must be wondering how much space does a Shetland Pony needs? A space large enough for them to stretch their legs, and sprint. 

Though bigger stable can be provided but a 2m x 2m stable is going to work. Renting a stall in a stable would not be cheap. However, renting prices change depending on the facilities. Read my guide on How Much Weight can a Shetland Pony Carry?

Horse Accessories 

Since these are small horses, the tack of other standard-sized horses would not fit them well. Investment in horse accessories needs to be made for the Shetland Pony. 

Veterinary Care

Horses need vaccination from time to time. Vet visits for infections or other ailments happen often. This veterinary care bill can run in hundreds and thousands as well.

In case of injury and accidents, be prepared for a hefty charge from the vet.


In case of unforeseen circumstances, horse owners opt to insure the horse. Monthly payments go for the insurance to cover from accident or injury. These monthly installments vary depending on the type of cover taken.

Farrier Cost

Farrier cost can be saved if you know how to trim and clip. Shetland ponies require hoove trimming as much as a bigger horse. However, they rarely need shoes as they do not do the heavy work.


If you bought an untrained Pony to save some of the purchase prices, you will be paying for the training then. Taming a horse is no Child’s play. If you do not know how to, prepare yourself for the trainer’s bill.

Other Costs

Other costs of keeping a pony include dental care, grooming products, supplements, fence repair, boarding, blankets, brushes, bandages, deworming, and hired help.

What factors determine the price of a Shetland Pony

Numerous factors are determinants in fixing a price for a Shetland Pony. These elements just can not be overlooked when determining a price for a pony. Let’s look into these factors

  • Purebred Lineage: To get a Shetland Pony of the purebred lineage at a cheap price is next to impossible. Ponies registered in the studbook are sold at an expensive rate.
  • Breeders: Breeder ponies have the potential to capture the market at a higher rate.
  • Prizes: The market will offer more if the pony has been in the limelight for winning competitions.
  • Health: Health is not something to be dismissed when determining the price of a pony, the healthy the horse, the more the price. 
  •  Speed: The horse would be valued at a higher price if it has a higher speed. 
  • Gait: Unique gait and movements add value to the horse’s worth.
  • Age: A 4-5 years old horse will fetch a higher price in comparison with the older horse.


As you know, the estimated price of Shetland Pony by now and take into account other expenses to see if you can afford to keep a Shetland Pony. Do not rush into the purchase as many owners want to rid themselves of the pony fast because of the expensive upkeep.

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