9 Best Christmas Gifts For Horse Lovers in 2024

Christmas is not around the corner but we are heading towards it super fast, in no time we would begin to worry about getting the perfect gifts for our loved ones. It’s always good to plan early so your last-minute shopping does not end up in a resale tack shop, garbage bin, or donation pile. Here’s what you can consider; 

1. Willow Tree Quiet Strength Plaque, Sculpted Hand Painted Resin Bas-Relief

Willow Tree is famous for the figurative sculptures, this girl with her arms around the horse’s neck sculptor is one of their best creations. Besides this expression of love, Willow Tree has several unique angles and plaque sculptors, nativity sets, tree toppers, and musical ornaments, basically, everything that holds value to the artists’ eye.

This 2.6×5.4×5.4 (LxWxH) ready-to-hang decorative piece is crafted to express the love and bond humans and horses share. The expression of love can easily be hanged or with the assistance of a plaque stand can be placed on a table. It is, however, originally made to hang.

As per the company’s claim, this masterpiece is artist Susan Lordi’s(a well-known artist who has a studio in Kansas City, MO) original carving. The ready-to-gift packing and a complimentary gift card make it the perfect gift for horse admirers. 

Why should it be gifted? 

We all love and admire art, don’t we? Whenever we have to express them uniquely, we try to define them through art. If all previous buyers are impressed how perfectly and simply it defines the love for horses, your horse enthusiast girlfriend/mother/sister/grandmother would love it as well. 

2. Xxschy Hand Made Metal Horse Wind Chimes Decor

Xxschy, a popular Amazon seller, is famous for it’s carefully designed and engineered outdoor and indoor chimes. This hand-made metal horse wind chime is crafted to show admiration for the horses. The versatility of it allows it to be hanged to the balconies, trees, and indoors as a decorative piece. 

It contains 4 metal tubes, 1 round cap, 7 horse models, 6 bells, and 18 small lucky beads. All these parts have a unique sound that would keep reminding your loved one of you. It makes soft, clear, and relaxing sounds. 

This Xxschy chime is sturdy, durable, and super affordable. It requires no toolbox to be hanged to perfection. The best part of this deal is that it comes with a one-month money-back guarantee. It can be gifted on almost all kinds of occasions including birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, housewarming, valentine’s day, anniversary, or Christmas, etc. 

Why should it be gifted? 

Well, there not one reason to be honest. It’s sturdy, durable, and affordable, can be hanged outdoors and indoors, defines love for horses, produces soft relaxing sounds, and comes with a money-back guarantee. 

3. Hanamiya Na Horses Keep Me Stable Makeup Bag For Horse Lovers

Hanamiya Na is known for its funky creations and the cutest statements. From father’s day, mother’s day, valentine’s day, wedding anniversaries, house warming, and Christmas Hanamiya Na have the best gift items for all occasions. 

The simple yet creative “Horses keep me stable” statements perfectly define the keeper’s love for this forgiving creature called horses. This makeup accessories holding bag would be a perfect gift for a true cowgirl. This 9.5 inches long and 6.3 inches wide bag can hold everyday makeup essentials easily. 

The letters and the horse image are imprinted using heat transfer printing so the image and the claim are as loud, clear, and bright as the owner’s love for horses. This makeup bag is 100% waterproof just so it can handle the makeup mess. 

Why should it be gifted? 

For two reasons mainly; one being water-proof and handy, second it speaks for you. 

4. Ariat Groundbreaker Square-Toe Cowboy Boots

Ariat was founded as “The New Breed Of Boots”, later the popularity and the demand added more items to its creations. The Ariat’s commitment to quality, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and respect has earned it the customer’s blind trust. The idea “The New Breed Of Boots” pretty much explains why their cowboy boots are being recommended here. 

This boot being shortlisted here is in Amazon’s choice as “a best seller in men’s western boots”. The genuine grain leather makes these Ariat Western-style cowboy boots strong, sturdy, and durable. The horse enthusiasts can wear them to complete the cowboy look, construction, factory, and farm work as well. 

These cowboy boots do not make the wearer choose between comfort and fashion. Four-layer design and square toe make these cowboy boots super comfortable than the other options. Safety toe makes keep the foot stable and prevents injuries to a surprising extent. 

Why should they be gifted? 

Cowboy would make a fine gift for horse enthusiasts because these boots are usually expensive, they are not within everyone’s reach. The cowboy avatar is incomplete without cowboy boots, so receiving the most wanted cowboy work boots as a gift would brighten up someone’s day for sure. 

These were the few gift ideas that you can buy from Amazon. But if you are firm to gift something unique this Christmas, here’s what you can do;

5. Ticket To Horse Show

A Ticket to a horse show is also the greatest gift a horse enthusiast would ever receive. It’s something that is not normally sold on Amazon, you would rather have to book it on their website. The popular horse shows websites that are selling tickets online are;

  • Hoys. Co. Uk
  • Hickstead. Co. Uk
  • Dublinhorseshow. Com
  • Londonhorsesshow. Com
  • Stubhub. Com

Why should it be gifted? 

A horse enthusiast, who has never been to any horse show would be a breath of fresh air. If the horse enthusiast likes spending time with you, join in. Trust us you would not regret it at all. 

6. A horse painting or sculpture

A horse painting or sculpture would be even more regarded than any other thing being gifted. If you can paint or sculpt a masterpiece, go ahead make one for your loved one yourself but if it’s impossible, get it made by a professional. The horse enthusiast would be grateful for this valuable hard work. 

Why should it be gifted? 

A painting or sculpture should be gifted because it shows that the receiver is loved, valued, and admired the most. It should also be gifted because a painting or a sculpture sounds unique. 

7. Become a horse sitter 

If you want to do something more unique to a horse enthusiast this Christmas, offer help, become a horse sitter for a day or so. Owing or raising a horse is a full-time job, so if one is willing to put off the burden for a day, the horse owner would appreciate the idea. In the period, you would be babysitting the horse, they can watch a movie, go on a date, cook, eat, or do whatever they have been delaying for so long.

Why should you offer babysitting as a Christmas gift?

How would you feel if anyone you adore shows a willingness to clean up for you, feed your horse, and take the horse for a routine checkup, etc? Would not you be grateful? I can see my readers nodding yes. 

8. Pay for a professional photography

Our pets are as dear to us as our kids, so having photographs with them would be amazing. Professional photography is usually expensive, it’s not in everyone’s reach. If you adore this idea, start saving so that you have enough dollars to pay for it in this peak season.

Why should you pay for professional photography?

They might already have several selfies with the horse but might have never considered hiring a professional photographer. So, saving money for months, bringing a professional team, and getting these two inseparable(horse owner and the horse) photographed, how would one not feel special?

9. Buy the horse enthusiast a baby horse

A baby horse’s surprising appearance to a horse enthusiast’s house, how would that be? Buying a horse for your loved one would be more surprising and overwhelming for a horse admirer. The fully grown horses are usually expensive but the young horses can be bought somewhere between $1500 to $3000. Pretty affordable right? So end your hunt here, consider getting a horse instead.

Why should you gift a horse?

What else would be more valuable to a horse admirer than a horse itself? Probably nothing and this reason alone is enough to consider a horse than anything else.

In brief, you can reward the horse enthusiast in million ways this Christmas but offering help, taking them to a horse show, buying a horse, paying for the horse’s training, and professional photography would be more valuable to them than anything else.


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