Can Horses Eat Carrots? 3 Ways to Feed

We all love a treat once in a while, and even the most disciplined people in the world have periodic cheat meals to make them feel better. And in this case, our pets are no different from us. Horses love getting little treats from their owners, and would happily have them every day if you let them.

There are many different options for you to choose from when deciding what treats to include in your horse’s daily diet. One of the most popular choices for people in this scenario is carrots. Horses love carrots just as humans do, but is it really safe you to feed your horse carrots?

Can Horses Eat Carrots? Yes, horses can definitely eat carrots in a safe and controlled manner. Like everything else in the world, this is also beneficial as long as it is done in moderation.

If you get too carried away when feeding your horses, it could be detrimental to its health. For this reason, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of guidelines that you can refer to when choosing treats for your horse.

The Nutritious Value of Carrots for horses

The first thing you need to understand is what nutrients make up a carrot. You also need to look into which of these nutrients are beneficial for your horse and which ones are not.


Carrots are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A. Both of these vitamins act as antioxidants in the horse’s body and help it battle against diseases internally. (Source)

This means that carrots are good for a horse’s immune system and allow them to grow stronger and healthier. These minerals are important for a sustainable and healthy diet.


Carrots have a fair amount of carbohydrates in them, and this is a good sign for horses.

This is because horses are very active animals and need to burn a lot of energy every day when they exercise.

The source of this energy is its carbohydrate intake, and they need an ample amount of carbs to avoid feeling fatigued. For this reason, carbs are very important for horses to maintain a healthy diet.


Carrots are not a very rich source of protein, but they still have enough protein in them to make it count.

Protein is necessary for a horse to experience healthy growth.

Horsing that are young especially needs a high protein intake to ensure that they can grow at an ideal pace.

Horses that are exercising regularly also need a good amount of protein to ensure that their muscles are fueled before and after exercise.

This makes carrots an ideal snack for horses, offering both taste and proper nutrition.


Carrots are very low in sugar content and fats. This is good for horses because a low sugar content means that carrots are also low in calories.

Fewer calories inevitably means that carrots do not lead to weight gain for horses.

This is extremely important since horses have to be physically active to remain healthy and eating a diet low in sugar supports that lifestyle.


Carrots have an abundance of fiber within them, which is a very good sign for any vegetable being fed to an animal.

Horses need large amounts of fiber to help move their bowels and maintain a healthy digestive system.(Source)

The fact that carrots have a high percentage of fiber means that carrots can help horses with their digestive system’s health. This is another reason that 

It’s obvious that carrots are rich in terms of their nutritious value and can be very beneficial for a horse.

However, that does not mean that you can feed your horse an unlimited amount of carrots without any worries about its wellbeing.

That’s because horses have specific requirements for the sort of food they can eat, and their diet also needs to include specific nutrients in specific amounts.


Portion Size and Timing

Portion sizes of are of utmost importance when it comes to planning a balanced and healthy diet for your horse. As mentioned above, horses have specific dietary requirements that need to be fulfilled every day. They also have a very demanding and physically active lifestyle.

Carrots can be an especially complicated item to add to a horse’s diet. This is because horses love the sweet taste of carrots and can eat them as long as possible for them. But at the end of the day, this is not healthy for them and can lead to a host of health complications.

The ideal diet for a horse would be composed of hay and grass for the most part.

This is because they provide the necessary nutrition for a low number of calories and can also add to the necessary volume in the diet. To complement this, carrots should always be given to horses in moderate portions.

If you let your horse consume too many carrots on a single day, it might feel so satiated that it could refuse to eat the rest of its meals for that day. This would mean that your horse is missing out on essential nutrients that its body needs to stay healthy and fit, and could even cause more serious health problems.

According to research, overfeeding your horse can lead to the development of potentially fatal diseases like colic.

As a rule of thumb, it is always better to stay on the safe side and avoid feeding your horse more than two large carrots per day. Of course you can feed them a larger number of carrots if they are smaller in size. However, the relative size should not exceed that of two large carrots for a healthy and balanced diet.

Ways of Feeding Your Horse Carrots

There are many different ways in which you can include carrots into your horse’s diet and we have listed down these different methods for your convenience.

The first and easiest way is to feed them to your horse by hand without cutting them up. This allows you to control the size of the bites that the horse is taking and ensures their safety. With you watching over them, they can’t take bites big enough to cause them any discomfort.

On the other hand, you can also chop the carrots into smaller pieces and put them in a bucket for your horse to chew on slowly. This is another way to ensure that your horse is eating carrots in bites that are small enough for it to chew and swallow comfortably.

If you’re feeling really fancy, you could even the carrots that you plan on feeding to your horse. Unlike some animals that cannot eat cooked food, horses have no trouble consuming cooked treats. So you can combine the carrots with some other food and bake them in the oven for your horse.

Lastly, the most convenient way of feeding your horse carrots is to chop them up and put them into different foods that they are eating. The horse might not even notice that it ate carrots if you pursue this route. However, you will miss out on the satisfaction of watching your horse eat their favorite treats out of your hand.


Can Horses Eat All Types of Carrots

Yes, horses can eat all the different types of carrots. Like many vegetables, the different variations of carrots are fairly similar in terms of nutritional value and composition. The only differentiating factor is their color.

This means that it is absolutely safe for a horse to any type of a carrot no matter what color it is.

Potential Risks to Keep in Mind

Although it is perfectly safe for horses to eat carrots in limited amounts, some potential health risks need to be avoided.

Not all horses are the same, just like all humans aren’t. Every horse has specific dietary requirements and ideally, you should consult a vet before deciding a set diet for your horse. For example, some horses have developed an insulin resistance and this factor needs to be considered when deciding their diet.

HYPP, also known as Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis, is a disorder that some horses may suffer from. As the name suggests, it is a really serious condition and requires the horse owner to be vigilant about controlling their horse’s diet.

The paralysis is set off when the horse consumes anything high in potassium, and carrots certainly fit that criteria. For this reason, horse owners whose horses are suffering from HYPP should avoid carrots and any other foods with potassium.

Other Treats for horses

There are other treats for horses


In conclusion, carrots are a perfectly safe and tasty snack for your horse. Although there are some cases where carrot consumption must be moderated or stopped altogether, these cases are rare and hard to come by. For most people, it is safe to say that they can feed their horses moderate amounts of carrots every day.

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