The 7 Best Barn Paint Reviews (2024)

Nothing improves the look of your horse’s home like a new coat of clean paint. And the oldest, most dilapidated barn block can be revitalised with a fresh coat of paint! Aside from enhancing the look of your stable block, the best barn paint will even protect the brickwork and keep it safe from the elements for many years to come.

Before diving into good barn paint reviews let us understand how to choose the best one with our helpful guide.

How to choose right barn paint ?

Pay a Little More Money

The exterior paint must cover your house well, avoid stains, and withstand weather. Investing in high-quality paints is a prudent investment. Otherwise, you might have to spend more on scaffolding.

Look for Long Lasting Material

Consider your lasting materials. If you have an existing brick or stone base, patio, or accents, choose a paint colour that complements their underlying colours. If you’re stuck, consider matching colour temperature opposites. Choose a taupe with cool gray/blue undertones if you have a warm red brick base and want brown for your exterior colour.

Use Technologies to Your Benefit

The paint store normally uses a sample of the permanent materials for screen colour matching. Use an online platform that lets you select an initial hue, proposes matching/coordinating colours, and allows you to play with colour combinations on photographs of a home’s exterior and see how it would appear when done.

Start with Swatches

Start with swatches and work your way up. Purchase test sizes of the paint shades you’re thinking about using and paint some paint on the outside. Colour can be used on the north and south sides of the building, where illumination can vary significantly, and on the trim of any buildings you’re coordinating with. Examine the colour samples at various times of day to get a good idea of how the final product would look.

Advice On Barn Paint vs Stain

You might be wondering, “Why pick Barn Paint over stain?” Barn paint could be a safer option on how to paint a wooden barn for a variety of reasons:

  • Barn paint will have a smoother and more durable waterproof layer on the wood than stain will.
  • Paint is more durable than stain.
  • Barn Paint is adaptable.
  • Barn Paint will keep moisture out.
  • Proper defence can slow the growth of algae and fungi in wood.

Best Barn Paint Reviews

Best Overall: Jetcoat Farm Pride Barn Paint

Best red barn paint: Kilz Exterior Barn Paint

Cheap in Price: Valspar 3125 -70 Barn Latex Paint

1. Jetcoat Farm Pride Barn Paint

Jefcoat is one of the best barn paint brands that has been serving for 40 years with pride. Your barn will get outstanding durability and weather resistance over time with jetboat farm pride barn paint. It is highly suitable for extreme weather conditions.


  • It has excellent coverage of 95-100 sq. ft per gallon giving a perfect finish to the exteriors of the barn. If the required surface is smooth then lesser coats of paint are required i.e. 1 or 2. 
  • The premium fade-resistant Jetcoat paint is fortified with UV inhibitors for protection. This property is responsible for years of lasting durability. Easily applied by spray, brush, or roller, you can quickly cover your fence or barn with just one coat.
  • This durable paint resists fading, peeling, and weathering because of a dry finish.
  • Exterior paint with mold resistance and environmentally conscious design can be used in any area. 
  • Use this excellent formulation to protect and strengthen agricultural roofs, floors, barns, walls, grain bins, among other things. 
  • Use this multi-purpose, matte black paint on hand for simple repairs or finished designs.
  • Thoroughly mix the contents of the bottle. Apply with a brush, a roller, or an airless mist (tip size .017 to .021). Spills are easily cleaned with soap and water. Water can be used to clean equipment directly after use.


  • An additional coat of paint might be needed on some surfaces.

2. Kilz Exterior Barn Paint

The KILZ Siding, fence, and barn paint is a sophisticated water/oil-based blend that combines the benefits of oil and water-based paints.

It has the high penetration, longevity, and fade tolerance of oil-based paint with the ease of cleaning of water-based paint. Unlike other paint materials, cleaning may be done with only water and soap, removing the need for solvents.


  • Kilz exterior gives bulletproof protection against fading, blistering, and peeling of paint. 
  • This long-lasting paint will protect surfaces for a longer period of time other than traditional common paints in the market. 
  • Kilz paint provides a smooth finish and perfect coverage. However, it also depends on the surface. One gallon of the Kilz paint can provide coverage to 200-500 sq. ft. 
  • KILZ is a well-known brand because the company is serving for 40 years. So, there may be chances of scam. To avoid this, always go to a trusted seller. 
  • This paint can be used on a variety of surfaces, including plaster walls, masonry, and timber, as well as plywood, laminate, and sanded shiny surfaces.


  • Some users have reported that the paint arrived damaged. Although no complaints have been reported about the paint itself but the paint leaking during transit.

3. Valspar 3125 -70 Barn Latex Paint

This long-lasting paint is appropriate for either barns or fences, and this will look great on both! It also provides temperature cover.


  • The easy application of Valspar makes it the best choice for barn paints.  Your barn will get even and smooth coverage in just one application thus making the whole process easier.
  • Due to latex-based properties, it will resist any harsh environmental conditions making it durable for a longer time. 
  • This color is suitable for almost every exterior surface, including weathered steel, concrete, aluminum, wood, primed concrete, etc.
  • An ideal paint is one that dries quickly making the whole process faster. With 20 minutes of drying time, your cattle won’t have to wait under the sun or you won’t have to rent a barn for some time. 


  • Spraying this paint might not be a good idea as it is latex based. The best way to go about this is to roller it on because it will spread more easily.

4. Premium Grade Asphalt Paint Black

Fence paint based on asphalt that has been fortified with special oils intended to penetrate, maintain, and cover wood and other types of surfaces. It would also add years to the life of your equipment by rust-proofing aluminum, preserving wood, damp proofing stone or concrete, and rejuvenating composition surfaces. Aids in the prevention of cribbing on fences and stalls.


  • Taking care of fences with Premium Asphalt is easy due to its durability and perfection. It can protect any type of fencing material from harsh weather thus marking it as one of the best barn paint.
  • Premium Grade Asphalt is animal and pet-friendly which means if your cow or horse licks a small amount of this paint, they will be safe.
  • The painting device is not specific to this paint. Any roller, spray, or brush will do the perfect job and amazing results in the end. 
  • Good coverage and fast-drying properties premium-grade asphalt paint save your time and money. You can also quickly observe the results of the paint where it is dried in an instant.  


  • If you prefer something other than black for your barn or fence, then it will disappoint you.

5. BEHR Exterior Barn  Paint

BEHR is a favorite among architects and DIY enthusiasts because of its architectural properties. The premium Behr paint is suitable for DIY projects to protect and beautify barn interiors and exteriors. 

High-rated wood stain products of Behr give it an extra finish and preserve the shelf life of wooden objects, barns, and fences.

It is recommended to use wooden floors, rails, and deck-like surfaces for the best results.  Remember to clean the surface with a pressure washing before applying any paint as it would increase paint durability. 


  • Excellent replacement for the worn-out paint on barn surfaces.
  • Its quick-drying ability makes it useful for do-it-yourself projects and preventing any paint damage
  • Advanced formulations protect the toughest surfaces and enhance the beauty
  • The paint is easy to apply and results are clean and smooth finish.


  • Quite pricey

6. The ONE Paint for Multiple Surfaces

This is a water-based chalk paint that is an affordable and hassle-free replacement for previous paints. It saves you from spending money on undercoats or preparing your surfaces before actual paint.

The One paint and primer gives you edge sense primer is already included in it which is budget and time savor for barn owners. With one of the best One Paint, you can preserve a variety of places including previously painted, varnished surfaces, and so on.  


  • The thick, opaque texture makes it ideal for applying one single coat and still get the smooth finish you want. Thus, having to apply one coat of paint will save you so much time, effort, and money.
  • What’s even better, the paint comes in many colors, giving you more options to choose the one that suits your preference.
  • You can say goodbye to the extra time, commitment, and money wasted on undercoats with this Paint and Primer combination The ideal approach for architects and interior designers.
  • Since the solution is extremely thick and invisible, it only requires one coat to achieve a consistent finish.
  • Most of the time a single coat will do the job because of its dual nature of primer and paint and this way you save your extra money, effort, and time.
  • Since it is water-based and contains low VOCs, ONE Paint is safe for the environment. You can easily clean it up with warm soapy water. 
  • The quick drying ability of One Paint makes it suitable to use on UPVC, Stones, Masonry, wood, and all other surfaces.


  • Deliveries may encounter spills sometimes

7. Liquid Barn Paint/Sealant

We’ve actually arrived at the last item on today’s list and that is waterproof sealant. It is a no solvent water based formula that is not only environment friendly but also safe for children, elders and pets.  Liquid waterproof rubber sealant is formulated for heavy duty coatings for roofs, sheds, basements and all other surfaces.


  • This sealant is used as the final coat of a painting project for homeowners because it provides a good waterproof finish and dries quickly.
  • This paint is safe and environmentally friendly. Liquid Waterproof Sealant is water-soluble and has no solvents, VOCs, or noxious odors. It is safe for both humans and dogs, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors without the need for any additional breathing equipment.
  • Seams, pipes, cracks, bridge/joints, and protrusions where appropriate, use liquid rubber for bulletproof seal.
  • Protective finish for sloped roofs, metal roofs, planter boxes, warehouses, basements, metal, timber, concrete, and other surfaces.
  • The final membrane has more than 1000 percent elongation, which prevents adhesion loss, and is UV Stable, which prevents the sun from weakening the component.
  • Environmental friendly and safe for family
  • Easy application
  • The paint formula is so strong that the sun cannot degrade it easily as its final membrane has 1000 elongations. So it is a UV stable product.
  • Provides bullet proof coverage to seams, protrusions, gaps, cracks etc


  • You have only a single colour choice and that’s black.


Choosing the best barn paint is easy now. You can start painting your barn right now to protect it as well as make it an aesthetic place to work.

What is the durability of barn paint?

After proper application, the barn will not need maintenance for several years as long as the floor is properly cleaned and primed. We still suggest applying at least two coats of paint.

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