How Much Does A Zebra Cost? Price Breakdown

How much does a Zebra Cost? My neighbour asked me as he is thinking of owning one, he is a great admirer of this striped animal, which explains his obsession with the Madagascar movies. My father has kept and raised many zebras on the farm. My neighbour was anxious to know the investment cost, raising, and upkeep cost.

Raising an animal is a responsibility that comes with a lot of expenses, it is just not the purchase price that one should be aware of but also the upkeep cost before sealing the deal.

Many people regret it afterward as they find it too expensive to keep a pet.

So, before buying Zebra, you should just not worry about the Zebra Price but also how much would it cost to raise Zebras? Try surfing the browser with “Zebras for Sale” and you will get a lot of clarity about this query.

Zebras are single-hoofed African equines that have a distinctive black and white striped coat. Closely related to horses and donkeys, Zebras have three extant species: the Grévy’s zebra, the plains zebra, and the mountain zebra.

All of these species have different patterns of strips. Every zebra has a different strip pattern just like human fingerprints.

The world of a zebra is colorful, adventurous, and full of action, never a dull day in their life. Zebras like to stay and hunt in the herd.

They have sharp hearing and eyesight with a fast speed of 35 miles per hour. Zebras live in multiple habitats like savannahs, grasslands, woodlands, shrublands, and mountainous areas.

I can see you getting desperate for some answers, just be a little more patient, you will leave from here with all your queries resolved.

How much does a Zebra Cost?

How much does a Zebra Cost? It is hard to give a specific number as the price keeps on changing influenced by different factors. Expect a price range of $3000 to $7000 or more for plain zebras. This purchase price may be lower or higher depending on the age, health, bloodline, and species. 

It is also advised to buy a pair or more as zebras are herd animals, being alone may make them stressed, rude, and aggressive.

It will also be hard to find dealers and breeders who are trading Zebras as it is quite unusual to keep them as a pet or domesticate them.

If you are thinking of keeping it as a pet, I would hate to burst your bubble, pet zebras do not exist just like unicorns. Even after multiple attempts, Zebras could not be domesticated as these free-spirited animals do not like living in closed spaces.


Is it legal to own a Zebra?

Before making payments for the purchase, make sure if the state you are currently residing in allows keeping wild animals.

Many states in the US, UK, and other countries prohibit people from keeping wild animals on private property. Many states require Zebra owners to file paperwork and must regularly contend with anti-exotic legislation.

Even if it legal in your state, just do not fall for their good looks, have proper training, before inviting this wild animal into your home. They can be quite dangerous, their kick is known to kill a lion.

Where to Buy Zebras?

It is hard to find traders, dealers, or sellers for wild animals as only a few people want to own them. Also, because of the state law restrictions, many traders avoid selling wild animals. If you can not find a reliable source for Zebra purchase nearby, try these selling websites

  • Exotic Animals For Sale This website has multiple listings of zebras of different ages and species. Well, the good thing is it also tells potential buyers about the location of the seller. Not just the Zebras, many other exotic wild animals are listed as well.
  • Zebras R us – From baby to adult zebras, you will find a great variety of different zebras here. Zonkey and Zorses are also listed here, these two animals are difficult to find, but at Zebras R us, there is an option to buy them as well
  • HorseClicks – As the name suggests, this website deals in horses, but it also features a handful of Zebras listings as well. It is likely, you may seal a good deal here.
  • Buck Trader – This is an exotics heaven for those who are looking to buy wild animals from exotic cows, bulls, deer, buffalo, bovine to zebras. 

Zebras Adoption

Many organizations let you adopt Zebras, it would be wise to adopt a Zebra first and see if you can get along with the wise animal. Also, you would get to know the likes and dislikes, what cheers them up, what makes them angry, and how to tame them.

Once you know the drill, it would be worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a Zebra. If you are short on budget, adopting a Zebra does the trick.

Search online and you will find many websites willing to help, mostly under $100. However, to be clear, you would only be allowed to visit the adopted Zebra, can not take it with you.


How much does it cost to raise Zebras?

Raising costs even surpasses purchase prices after some time, some people do not expect some expenses and buy a pet only to regret it later. Therefore, before you purchase this exotic animal, I want to give you an overview of different expenditures. There are different ways to cut down raising or upkeep expenses but at no cost, you can avoid it.

Feeding Expense

Zebras, being herbivores, like to graze or nibble on grass or eat stems, leaves, and bark. Either make a good pasture land or buy plant-based food from the market which will cost heavily.Read the complete guide on what do zebras eat?

If you already have a pasture, just leave them there to trot or roam. It will cut down feeding costs to half otherwise expect hundreds of dollars to be spent on food and dietary supplements each month.


Zebras, unlike cattle, horses, and other livestock, do not like contained in a closed space or fenced. They are always looking for a way, making plans to break boundaries, as these free-spirited animals like to stay outdoors, breathing in the fresh air.

Build an 8-foot fence to keep them inside the premises. It may cost around $800 to $1000, also keep some cash aside for maintenance as it is likely that zebras would like to break through the fence by damaging it. Keep inspecting regularly.


Zebras do not get sick often, it may be because of an unhealthy treat or an injury that you would have to take them to the vet. Also, add some vaccination costs to the medical expense. Set aside over 200 dollars for vet visits, medication, and a first aid kit.

Others – Other costs may include dental, insurance, nail trimming, training, transport, and more. 

Factors that influence the price of a Zebra

Just like all animals, there are many factors that affect the purchase price of the Zebra.

  • Gender
  • Genetics, Lineage, Bloodline
  • Species
  • Age
  • Health

Putting it all together, Zebras are almost impossible to tame and kept as a pet. You will get plain Zebras from around $3000 to $7000. Check before buying that if the state laws allow you to keep wild animals. 

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