How Big was the Trojan Horse?

If you often find yourself looking for history books in the library you might have read about the Trojan war and the famous Trojan horse. The Trojan war happened around 1180-1260 BC and it was won by the Greeks.

The Greeks left a wooden horse(that is known as the Trojan Horse) and pretended to sail for home, little did the Troys know that the wooden big horse had been hiding forty well-trained Greek warriors.

The Troys, not knowing that the horse is filled with Greek warriors, brought this giant wooden creature inside the city walls. As soon as the horse entered the city, the Greeks made a surprising appearance, they massacred the men, carried the woman, and defeated the Troys.

As the Trojan war happened way back somewhere between 1180-1260 BC, the books of history have failed to bless us with all the smallest details.

However, the whole war scenario mentioned above is how this war is defined in the books. As when we read about the famous Trojan war, we get to know the lifeless wooden Trojan horse did play a heroic role in defeating and bringing the woman back.

Trojan, a wooden horse, was constructed by a master carpenter and pugilist named Epeius. This great piece of art was constructed in just three days.

If we try to judge the Trojan horse by it’s appearance, it is super hard to believe how something so big could be designed and created in just three days.

Most of the heterophile get astonished by the Trojan horse’s size. Yesterday, even two of my friends, who love history, we’re debating how big this wooden horse would have been? It’s just not my friends who got astonished by its size, I have seen several other historians asking the same question. In this brief post, we would enlighten our readers on how big this great wooden creature was? So, let’s find out.


How Big was the Great Trojan Horse?

No one from this era knows how true this is but the books of history agree that the Trojan horse was 10 feet wide and about 25 feet tall. In other words, the Trojan horse was 3 meters wide and 7.6 meters tall.
As per the researchers, the width of the Trojan horse is based on the width of the widest gate of Troy. Simply, Trojan was wide and big enough that it had to knock down the upper walls and the city’s widest gate to enter the city. If the Trojan horse wasn’t breathtakingly big, how would it have allowed the warriors to hide in?

Now that you have got the idea how big this wondrous creation was, allow us to enlighten you with some other worth-mentioning facts;

Trojan Horse was big enough that it allows two spies to hid in this mouth

If this heading doesn’t explain how breathtakingly big the Trojan horse was, we do not know what else would tell. As we all know it allowed forty warriors to hide in, two spies were hiding in the mouth.

More than thirty warriors including Odysseus were hiding in the womb

The size of the Trojan horse was big enough that the Troys had to face difficulty in bringing the horse in. If the horse was not astonishingly big, it would have not allowed the warriors to hide in.

Greeks build the horse to fool the Troys, the trick worked

In that era, if one wants to give up war they have to step up and send a “peace offering”. The Greeks left the horse outside the city, the Troys took it as a peace offering. The soldiers themselves took it in. The horse was made to fool the army, the trick worked and the Greeks won.

In brief, Trojan was not an actual breathing horse, it was rather a giant wooden horse. As per the books of history, it was around 10 feet wide and 25 feet tall. In other words, this giant piece of art was 3 meters in width, 7.6 meters in length. It was big enough that it allowed forty warriors to hide in, two spies were hiding in the mouth. It was big enough that it entered the widest gate with great difficulty.

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