Do Horses Hate Camels?

Horses hate camels or love them in the same place? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about horses. And usually, the questioner gets confusing answers as it’s hard for a newbie to step in a horse’s shoe.

I have seen my fellow livestock keepers finding it hard to introduce horses to camels. It takes months and sometimes years to mix these two creatures.

Even though I have never kept these two together but I have lived these situations with my fellas for the last ten years. By witnessing the situation it’s easy to judge that horses hate camels to the point that if they could they would have kicked this member of the Camelidae family out of sight.  Even if they hate camels what about them is so annoying when they are just going their way. Let’s discuss all these arising questions in detail.

Do Horses Hate Camels

No, they don’t “really” hate camels but the pungent smell alarms or sometimes frightens them. They then do everything to avoid such encounters.

What’s so different about that smell?

Nothing is different. Camels smell more or less the same as mules, horses, and to sound more familiar it’s somewhat similar to the unwashed men.

Horses have a strong sense of smell

Horses have a strong sense of smell, even a person who rarely gets to see a horse can agree. Like all mammals, they too have two nostrils but they are alert enough to notice a bit of mold in their hay. If you have doubts, try hiding their usual treat in your pockets, I bet you would be surprised by their sense of smell.

Horses Scare Camels

Maybe they get scared because they have been experiencing it for the first time. Horses and camels are rarely kept together. Seeing something huge standing right in front of them with an unusual smell is terrifying to them.

Do Horses scare Camels

Do horses ever get used to camels smell?

Yes, with time they do get used to camels and their unusual scent. But each horse’s case is different, some take months to get used to such encounters while others keep on struggling for years. Frequent Carefully planned encounters help horses to overcome this fear in no time.

Camels with horses

According to wikidiff Probably nothing, they neither get scared nor start jumping with joy. They do not bother horses at all. They will probably look and get confused by the strange reaction. It’s just horses that do not appreciate camels.


Horses don’t hate camels; they are in fact, afraid of that unusual pungent smell. Horses have a strong sense of smell, they get scared by a huge creature standing next to them smelling weird. But it’s not something they will never get over with, frequent carefully planned encounters eventually make horses get used to the camels and their smell. Camels don’t bother horses, they neither get scared nor get surprised they just keep doing what they are doing. 

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