6 Best Wellies For Wide Calves in 2021

Looking for a perfect pair of Wellies? Most people feel left out and stuck after trying different Wellington boots only to find out that they are too tight on the calves. It is not always easy to find a boot that fits your calves perfectly and not going to dig into your skin.

When searching best wellies for wide calves, you will be presented with hundreds of results. So, here are some of the top picks for the best Wellington boots for wide calves to make your decision easier.

Best Wellies For Wide Calves

1. Dunlop 8908608 DURAPRO Boots with Safety Steel Toe

This wide calf boot from Dunlop is the ultimate combination of comfort and protection. It is designed for people with wide calves to prevent chafing when walking and bending. 

Comfortable Design – It has a comfortable design offering a perfect wide fit to maximize comfort for everyday use.

The Dunlop Comfort-Fit along with quality outsole and insole material. It features a Sureflex Outsole material and a DuraPro energizing insole. 

Chemical and Oil Resistant – The Next-generation safety-loc outsole for superior resistance against chemicals and oil. It minimizes the adverse effects of oily substances on the protective properties of the boots. 

Waterproof – Be it heavy rains or walking through a muddy puddle, the 100% waterproof material keeps you dry under wet and dirty conditions.

Protective Toe Cap – This Made in the USA welly boot features a protective toe cap to save toes from the falling of any heavy objects. 


  • Lightweight, comfortable, durable design
  • 360° pull tab for easy donning and doffing
  • Excellent slip protection
  • Moderate chemical protection 
  • ASTM F2413-11 certified steel toe


  • The heel quarter lacks the required shape and rigidity
  • Narrow toe space to accommodate thick socks

2. Le Chameau Men’s Vierzon Jersey Lined Boots

Le Chameau is making accessories for farmers and outdoor workers for a few decades. This Wellington boot is made for heavy-duty outdoor work and muddy walks. It has an adjustable fitting for people with not-so-slim calves.

Material – Handcrafted from natural rubber in combination with fast-drying jersey lining to flex easily. It mirrors the foot movement to reduce fatigue.

The abrasion-resistant outsole offers superior traction on uneven, slippery, muddy, and soft terrain.

Design – These are iconic field and tall country rubber boots made to fit most adults. It can be used all year round during colder and warmer seasons. It is suitable for all terrains and different types of farming work. 

Comfort – The boot features a tightening strap and snap-fastening buckle to adjust calf fitting. Just securely tighten the grip around the calf and stay worry-free all day.

Shock Absorption – Equipped with Dual-density Grip and shank reinforcement board for better stability and shock absorption. This rubber boot also features fatigue-reducing arch support.


  • Roomy, durable rubber boots
  • Can be worn with thick socks
  • Easy on and off
  • Impact-absorbing dual-density Grip


  • Need extra cushioning in some areas

3. Jileon Extra Wide Calf Women Rain Boots with Rear Expansion

This welly boot is made for people with wide calves. It does not compromise style or comfort rather this boot is packed with both.

It is designed for women working in the field all day long. Without painful rubbing and chaffing, the wearer can work on the wet field without any worry.

Material – Crafted from durable, sturdy rubber is unique wide-fit mold to make it ideal for slippery conditions, gardening, and farming.

It offers mild protection in cold weather with textile inner lining. The wearer does not end up with sore feet thanks to the soft interior sole.

Extra Wide Calf – A wearer does not have to deal with tight calves and squeezed feet as the calf fitting starts from 16 up to 20-inch calves.

It provides a good, comfortable fit with a variety of calf sizes. Equipped with rear gusset and buckle that allows for further adjustment to optimize the comfort.

Waterproof – Whether you are working in the rain or on a wet field, these wide calf rain boots are 100% waterproof. Step foot in the field with confidence. 

Easy On And Off – It is not only wide in the calf but spacious in the ankle and foot as well. The adjustable strap allows ease of movement, making it easy to slip on and off.


  • Wide calf boots for plus size women
  • Padded insoles for maximum arch support
  • Can be stretched from 16 to 20 inches
  • Spacious ankle and footbed


  • Not fit for narrow feet as the feet keep moving around 
  • Needs memory foam arch support inserts for cushioning and long-term use

4. Aigle Unisex Adults Parcours 2 Vario Work Wellingtons

The very definition of French sophistication, this work welly boot is a continental delicacy that all outdoor workers should experience.

These boots are proven to be anti-fatigue adapted to all types of calf. Aigle is a renowned name and has a wide collection of different boots.

Material – This welly boot is made of primarily Gomma Plus natural rubber with polyester lining. The durable construction makes it last for years and survives heavy-duty use.

Fitting – This inclusive boot has wide calves and offers a secure fit. It is a comfortable, tall boot that fits most calves easily. Besides the wide fit, it is equipped with a gusset that is fully adjustable with an exterior buckle. It optimizes comfort by securing the legs.

Sole – The interior sold is soft and cushioned to provide support to the ankle, Achilles, and arch. It keeps the posture correct without causing fatigue or discomfort.

The thick rubber outsole is perfect to fight poor weather conditions. Besides protection from sharp debris and muddy puddles, the sturdy construction will also absorb impact. 

Application – These boots keep the wearer going all day long. Be it a farmer, gardener, hunter, or outdoor worker, these boots will withstand abuse during tough conditions.


  • Waterproof and adjustable gusset
  • Shock absorbent foam over a Softex lined rubber base
  • Three-density natural rubber outsole
  • Handmade in France
  • Polyester interior dries quickly


  • Not offers a wide range of calf sizes
  • May begin to split and leak after use

5. Joules Women’s Molly Welly Rain Boot

Workwear does not have to be boring and dull and that’s what Joules is trying to tell with Patterned welly boots.

You can stand out from the rest while wearing it and work all day long with maximum comfort. These boots will cheer you up on a rainy day, on a farmyard, or during the muddy festival.

Material – This barn boot is made of 100% rubber and comes in a variety of sizes and designs. As it is handcrafted from hardwearing natural rubber, the boot will last longer than many of its counterparts. It is further beautified with hand-drawn heritage-inspired prints.

Side Strap – These calf-high, made in USA boots feature a side strap and buckle to give you a secure fitting.

Calf Sizes – It fits most of the calf sizes perfectly. As it is available in different sizes, an individual can opt for the size that fits him the best.

Application – It makes the greyest days colorful with its design and prints. Wear it as a rain boot or work welly boot to overcome many unpleasant situations.


  • Roomy calf area
  • Crafted from 100% natural rubber
  • Waterproof, durable, and lightweight


  • Removable sole slips around in the boot
  • Scruff up easily 

6. Muck Boot Men’s Chore Wide Calf Rain Boot

Most outdoor workers trust Muck Boot for its quality and durability. This brand is in the business for a while, therefore, consumers always expect quality.

So, we are concluding our list of best wellies for wide calves with a product from Muck Boot. This boot is perfect for plus-size individuals or someone with wide calves. Instead of squeezing, rubbing, and chafing, the wearer will get a good fit.

Material – The outer and sole material is crafted from rubber. The boot is lined with breathable mesh to allow airflow circulation. The sole can be easily cleaned, sometimes, it only requires a wipe. 

Waterproof – Outdoor workers spend most of their time on the wet field, so, this boot is made 100% waterproof to refrain the water from entering the boot. 

Calf Size – Most people can buy it without any worry, no matter the calf size. The boot can be further extended to 3-4 inches to optimize the comfort and select a desirable fitting. 

Widely Used – It is widely used by construction workers, landowners, farmers, and outdoor workers.


  • Quality boot with long life
  • Rugged and sturdy built
  • Pull-on closure type
  • Tightening strap


  • Tightening strap made of plastic

How to Choose Wellington Boots?

Back in the day, buying a pair of wellies was a simple process but now with thousands of options and different features, it is easy to get confused when purchasing one. So, for new and old welly boots wearers, this buying guide will be of great help.


Most individuals prefer sizing and good fit over other features. Especially, plus-size people with wide calves need to check the sizing twice before buying a welly boot.

Measure the calf size at the widest point and check the calf sizing for the wellies to see if they will fit.

There are many boots available for wide calves ranging from 40cm up to 55cm, so, a person will find a boot to fit his wide calves. 


Wellies come in four different heights; Knee-High, Full Height, Half Height, and Ankle-High. Knee-high boots are not recommended for people with wide calves, therefore, Full Height boots are the popular option that goes up to the top of the calf.


Wellies are no longer available in just solid color. They come in different designs and prints. In this area, you will likely not need our advice as it is up to you to choose spots, stripes, dandelions, butterflies, or other fun designs.


Buy a welly boot as per the user requirements. Do you need them for occasional dog walking or everyday work? If you will be using it regularly, invest in quality boots that withstand heavy-duty use for a prolonged period 

Summing Up

With fantastic ranges and different designs, it is no longer difficult to choose a boot to fit your wide calves. Some of the best options available in the market right now are mentioned above, choose from any of them and you will definitely find your perfect pair.

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