70+ Horse names for Geldings

A male horse is often called gelding or a catered male referred to as stallion or Gelding. Some badass names suit male horse but the selection is not limited to some names. Here are more than 70 Gliding names for horses.

Sabre – A sharp blade made by two cuts

Amaretto – Depends on colour Amaretto

Ash – Male name for the gray horse

Blizzard – Best for a racehorse, storm with rain

Dino- Short name for Dinosaur

Flint – Cold-hearted horse

Koh – Name in the Bulgarian language

Bagel – For the young one

Callow – Bird offspring without wings

Fudgey – Cute and soft horse

Baloo – Alternative for toy

Barry – Fruit name

Boxer – Badass name selection

Fofa – Cute in Portuguese

Chico – Translation of guy in Spanish

Dragon – Movie character

Picasso – Currency name

Twister – One with sharp mind

Chub – Short from chubby

Kira – Word for dark

Lira – the Turkish currency

Felix – Stands for happy

Smokey – One who smokes

Frodo – From lord of Rings

stallion names

Gasper – Slang used for cigerette

Harley – Famous vehicle brand

Wild eyes – Best for wild horse

Blaze – Cool air

Clover – Best for gray horse

Marley – Best for young horse

Ghost – Good scary name

Maxwell – famous cricketer name

Moon – Cute name for a horse

Heart – Show more love

Snickers – Specific type of shoes

Whisper – Best for cool and silent horse

Rico – Strong ruler

Levi – Famous jeans brand

Rusty – Best for gray horse

Omega – Big horse name

Romeo – Famous movie character

Warrior – One who fights

Rio – Cookie brand

Rango – Word in Asia

Galaxy – Stars joining in place

Derby – Horse placing

cool geldings name

Wind Talker – Best for racehorse

Aerosmith – American rock band

Bandit – Robber

Sea Biscuit – A money horse

Clyde – Famous criminal in America

Callen – Powerful

Indiana – A US state

Mercury – A star

Napolean – A famous fightet

Deputy – After main captain

September – A month name

Paladin – Warrior in the French language

Aladin – A novel character

Thor – Best for wide horse

Alaska – A state in the United States

Chestnut – Best for red horse

Cinder – A rare rock

Dragon – An insect first name

Boxer – Best badass name

Florian – The emperor’s horse

Pylon – Dark series

Artax – The neverending story

Final Words

The gelding is another name for a male horse or castrated horse. There are some points we should focus before giving a name to our male horse. Look on breed like some colour breed will bring good ideas. Chestnut name is best for red or brown horse.Ash is best for a gray horse.

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